Meet Bootysale: The latest clothing shop in the Cardiff Uni SU

It’s Depop, but in-person

When trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends, it can be hard to find clothes that fit and styles that suit you at an affordable price.

It’s also a struggle to figure out the authenticity of an outfit on online, second-hand or thrift stores– the trousers in your size end up getting stuck at your knees and the low-cut top is so low the only thing it covers is your bellybutton. Not to mention the process of sending items back, return fees and all-round delivery mayhem.

The Tab Cardiff spoke to Micha Holloway, the owner of Bootysalea new buying and selling platform for clothing and accessories. It’s exactly like Depop but in-person, and can be found on the ground floor of the Cardiff Uni’s Students’ Union.

It’s a sustainable fashion platform

When asked about the inspiration behind Bootysale, Micha said: “After selling online on Depop for years I just got fed up with how difficult it became. From having to get the right pictures to the right hashtags, only for buyers to offer a quarter of the price you asked for.”

Micha also considered the environmental impact of packaging and shipping items to individual customers on a regular basis. “People like trying clothes on, seeing how they look and styling them with other items in their wardrobe- buying and returning clothes can end up being a lengthy process!”

“I wanted to find a sustainable way for students to earn some money on the side and keep their wardrobes fresh. I did it as a pop-up event in my 3rd year and it was a success, so after I graduated this summer, I decided to do it full time.”

The product quality is high and the stock changes frequently

“People can come drop off their items at any point, which then work on a pay and display system. This is on average 30p per item per week and it helps to stop people from dumping unwanted clothing, keeping the quality high and the stock changing frequently.”

“Then the buyer goes through the prices they want to sell things for, with my advice if they want. I then log it all into the system, tag it and it’s up on the racks that day.”

Of course they’re on Instagram!

“Yes! Instagram is my primary social media platform, under the handle Bootysale, but I am looking forward to trying my hand at TikTok, under the same name.”

“I showcase all the new items that come in on my Instagram story, so people can keep an eye on particular items or latest stock. I am also planning to make video reels of outfits that could work for various social occasions, such as daily casual wear, date night or clubbing!”

They aim to help other students’ small businesses too

“I’m going to have a section of the shop dedicated to student small businesses where they can showcase and sell their products. Ideally I’ll have this set up in the next month.”

“My big picture aim is to franchise the store, opening the same operation in students’ unions all over the country. It’s a way for students’ to earn some extra cash and get cute clothes, so I’d love to support this and encourage our generation to make more environmentally friendly choices when it comes to clothing.”

Bootysale’s fashion advice for people struggling to find their own image 

“Find what you feel comfortable in. Fashion trends come and go, but if what you’re wearing makes you feel happy, then your beauty will radiate outwards.”

“My store doesn’t have ‘womenswear’ or’ menswear ‘sections, just masculine and feminine. If there’s a piece of clothing you like, you shouldn’t be influenced on what part of a store you find it in.”

“Every single step has had a big hurdle”

Micha also shared the struggles faced while getting the place ready: “Jeez where to start…. from struggling with lawyers and contracts to trying to figure out how to plaster walls and use an angle grinder, every single step has had a big hurdle (or four)!”

“The biggest challenge so far has been opening the store in time for freshers. There were a lot of late nights painting walls and assembling clothes rails.”

You can find Bootysale on the ground floor of the SU, with the trendy and affordable clothing leaving you spoilt for choice.

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