A car crash in Cathays has exposed a cannabis factory disguised as a student house

The property owner was nowhere to be seen

South Wales Police, on Monday 19th July, exposed a hidden cannabis factory in a supposed student house on Cranbrook Street.

The police searched the property due to reports of a car being crashed into a house. They soon discovered that the property was functioning as a cannabis factory. Officers discovered cannabis plants, lamps, and heaters inside, all of which were exposed by the crashed vehicle.

The authorities have tweeted an appeal for the owner of the house to come forward. The street was also closed to vehicles while the police investigated the scene and cleared the property of illegal substances.

The house, situated just off of Salisbury Road, was extensively damaged, with the inside of the property being completely exposed.

Rowan, a student living on the street, told WalesOnline, that she called South Wales Police shortly before midnight.

She said: “I heard the crash, it sounded like a tin can being crushed – I assumed they had hit a lamppost. I went to have a look as I have was not really sure what had happened and I thought I saw a curtain sticking out.”

Soon after the officers arrived at the scene, Rowan learned that there was more to the incident than she had realised, and how she witnessed the Police investigating the property and trying to find the owner, rather than focusing on the driver of the crashed vehicle.

“The police came and I realised something was up as they were knocking on the door first instead [of speaking to the driver]. Instead of talking to the people that crashed into the house they were bursting in, police were going in and ripping stuff up – I knew something more serious had happened.”

Rowan added that she assumed, like many of the houses in Cathays, this house too was being occupied by students.

“I was watching out of concern that someone has been hurt. We’d seen the bins being put out the house before, we just assumed it was a normal student house like the rest of the street.”

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