Meet the second round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette 2021

The search continues for Cardiff’s hotties

It’s time for the second round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette.

This week the girls have really outdone themselves and we have it all, from the requirements for dating being gifted a Djungelskog to a girl who falls on people as a pick-up strategy.

Remember to vote at the bottom for the pengest gal you think deserves to win the crown for this hot girl summer.

Hatty, First Year, Philosophy

Hatty said that “being nominated feels pretty great, and the thought of being able to put ‘Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette’ in my tinder bio is the exact kinda flex my ego needs.”

She feels “hella sad” because due to covid, she hasn’t been able to go out out properly in Cardiff yet but hopes “maybe someone might be willing to show me around after June 21st ;)” We assume this has date has been pushed up.

Her friends describe her as “sexy, tearful and opinionated.” They said her ideal partner must have better hair than the last one and be willing to buy her a djungelskog. They should also be able to cope with frequent tears and enjoy the company of her stuffed stingray.

Hatty has been described as too hot for pick-up lines and once got a a guy off tinder (who she’d never met) to deliver her a Colin the Caterpillar cake for her birthday whilst she was isolating. She then proceeded to ghost him.

Grace, Second Year, Psychology

Grace said she was honoured to be nominated because it is “nice to finally be recognized for something I’m good at: being single.”

If you think Grace is a 10/10, a cheeky trip to the SU is her favourite place to go for a night out. Her friends describe her as “severely emotionally unavailable” and her ideal partner is someone she can see once a week, so if that’s your vibe, Grace might just be the one.

Her best pickup line is a drunk smile, although you may also catch her on Tinder. Her friends describe how she once kissed a boy and his finger went in her ear. But the stories don’t stop there… She also once brought someone back from Juice and forgot who he was, so went to bed and left him in the kitchen. How else are you meant to get rid of them? 

Catherine, Second Year, Italian and Spanish

Catherine sports the signature style of being a “well-dressed mess” who is also pretty funny. Her ideal partner is Pete Davidson but unfortunately, he does not attend Cardiff University, so instead she must resort to “accidentally” falling on her love interests at Yolo. Catherine has been successful in these attempts as she managed to get picked up by a boy in a lift who then proceeded to drop her.

If she’s not descending on lads in Yolo, Catherine has been spotted walking up to a random in Live Lounge and asking for his number. Unfortunately, he just shook his head.

Catherine responded to being nominated by saying that it “makes me feel warm inside. So grateful to the fans xoxo.”

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