Meet the first round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette 2021

Boy, we have some stunners this year

We’re on the hunt for Cardiff’s most eligible bachelorette and with the girls nominated this year, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s up to you to pick who you think deserves to win the crown this year. Instagram tags have also been included so if anyone catches your eye, shoot your shot and slide them a cheeky DM 😉

Olivia- Second year- Psychology 

Olivia said that being nominated made her feel, “super flattered.”

Her friends describe her as being “sexy as fuck” and say she will go for anyone who looks like a rat. If that’s you, look out for her on Tinder.

If Olivia says to you, “that’ll make your pussy throb,” it means you’ve been chosen. Her best story of being single was when she went for a guy, only to realise his sister was hotter. Worst story? Olivia’s answer: “Every mini golf date ever. Get rid of these, they’re just awkward and overpriced.” She’d rather be at the Irie Shack. 

Elin- Second Year-  Occupational Therapy




























Elin said being nominated was, “very exciting! I’ve been out of action for a while, I’m the queen of the castle and my knight is definitely overdue! I just wanna have fun and maybe meet my new prince.”

Her friends described her as “loud, welsh and having a big bum.” Her go to pickup line is probably something about how much she likes rugby which is ideal considering her type is rugby lads, preferably with their name beginning with “B”.

We’re not allowed to know Elin’s best story of being single because “she’d kill us if we told you.” However, her worst story is that she became single during the pandemic.

Her favourite place to go out in Cardiff is the SU, so once that opens up, you know where to find her. In the meantime though, don’t be surprised if you swipe her on Hinge. It’s her go-to dating app.

Tyra- Second year- Law

Tyra SAID: “Being nominated makes me feel heard because I tell myself I’m a strong, independent, queen everyday and I’m shocked my friends don’t think I’m crazy, but they must agree with me.”

Her friends describe her as “outgoing, funny and energetic”. She’s looking for someone who is tall, blonde and charismatic but they still need some crackhead tendencies to spice things up.

She doesn’t have a go to pick-up line but instead introduces herself with a fake name which amazes her friends because somehow it works. Her worst story of being single is when she had sex in the Aberdare common room with the love of her life’s best friend. She topped that one by leaving Pryzm with one man and then exchanging him for a better one in the chip shop. Girls just want to be dined, I guess? Her favourite night out depends on the day but she always looks forward to Saturday night at revolution. 

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