Meet the first round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelors

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here

We’re here to answer the question on everybody’s lips: who is Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor?

Our 2021 selection of bachelor’s will make it a tough fight for the top spot, but the decision is down to you. Take a look through the first round, and take your pick.

You may even want to search up their Insta, we sure wouldn’t blame you.

Joshua- Second year- Philosophy and Economics

We asked Joshua how being nominated made him feel and he said: “I feel like this is my true calling in life.”

His friends have described him as an “absolute bloody legend”, with his ideal partner being “anyone that gives him attention.”

You’ll most likely find him on Tinder, and do not worry, he has no horror stories of being single, because “shame is a social construct”. His favourite night out in Cardiff is Quids because “nothing beats cheap jäger.”

James- Third year- Philosophy and History

James told the Cardiff Tab that he’s “deeply honoured and grateful to be nominated. Although I feel slightly undeserving.”

James’ ideal partner is “any girl who is taller than him” and “would act like his mother”. He’s been described as ginger, muscular and cute.

His best story of being single was when he was working as a lifeguard and slept with a mother of a child from a swimming lesson.

Once things open up again, you’ll probably find him at Nuke Tuesday but only if he’s constantly being fed jäger bombs until someone is sick on the sofa.

Toby- First year- Ancient History

Toby told The Cardiff Tab: “It’s pretty cool being nominated. My dad’s going to give me a bollocking, thinking I’m studying lol.”

Toby has been described as “a tall chef”, and is known for his great Sean Connery impressions. His ideal partner is somebody that understands his jokes, is shorter than him, and is funny and clever.

However, his partner has to be able to tolerate “constant” rap and grime music. Over lockdown he’s loved a flat sesh with disco lights and music everyone knows the lyrics to, but as soon as things open up again? Pres at spoons followed with revs because “mystery shots are the devil.”

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