Meet the second round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelors 2021

Who do you think deserves the title this year?

We’re back, and this time we’ve got the next round of eligible bachelors.

There’s a hell of a lineup this year, and now it’s time to cast your vote on who you think deserves the title! Instagrams have been linked to allow for a cheeky follow.

Without further ado, here are the nominations for the second round of Cardiff’s most eligible bachelor.

Tariq, Second year, Law

Tariq said that being nominated for “such an esteemed position” was an unexpected honour.

Described as “sexy, smart and single”, you’ll find Tariq telling people that he’s Law Society president in order to impress them. He’s been known for writing a poem for a guy he’d only met three times, so if that’s something that sounds appealing to you, you can find him on Grindr.

If you’re lucky enough, Tariq may take you to a nice bar for cocktails, finished by YOLO… and “one too many vodka OJs”.

Dominic, First year, Journalism, Media and Culture

Dominic told The Cardiff Tab that he desires male recognition.

Buying Dominic a Djungelskog bear from Ikea will make you his ideal partner, but you need to understand that he might still ghost you. Being described as “divine”, Dominic is “too hot to be single.” Unfortunately, he rarely gets past the talking stage.

If you’re wondering where he’ll be on a night out, you’ll only have to look as far as Pryzm.

James, Second year, History and Economics

Honoured to be nominated for such a prestigious award, James is excited to use this new found fame when clubs re-open, most likely at his favourite night out: YOLO.

Before using his nomination as a pick up line, James’ house in Italy is the perfect conversation starter, who doesn’t want to go to Italy? If you’re tanned, kind, and funny you should probably slide into his DMs.

His favourite single story? Getting with a mum at the end-of-year ball on the school golf course. Obviously, where else?

Vote for who you think should win this round below:


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