Here for you: The support networks available to LGBTQ+ students in Cardiff

Whatever you are facing, you don’t have to go through it alone

Moving to a new city for higher studies can be exciting, as well as intimidating. This can be even more challenging as an LGBTQ+ student.

For the second article in our Pride month series, we decided to remind all our readers of the societies and services supporting the LGBTQ+ student body in Cardiff.

No matter where you are in your journey—whether you’re new to Cardiff Uni or have been a student for a while—immersing yourself in a helpful, fun and accepting environment is definitely comforting. It’s a friendly reminder: you are not alone.

Student Support Centre

The Student Support Centre has a variety of services to support students such as Counselling, Mental Health Advisors and Wellbeing Champions. The staff are well-trained in LGBTQ+ awareness and offer a non-judgemental space to explore issues faced at Cardiff Uni.

Aside from the main university-offered services, there are an array of societies open to everyone. These are a great way to immerse yourself in a completely accepting and proud social circle. Affiliated with the Students Union, these societies are run by students, for students.

LGBT+ association

The LGBT+ Association represents students who identify anywhere in the sexuality and gender identity spectrum. They work closely with the Students Union to provide awareness of LGBTQ+ experiences through campaigns as well as ensure the welfare of queer students through lobbying for policy change in the Student Senate.


Enfys is an LGBTQ+ network for postgraduate students and staff. They organise and partake in events for LGBT History Month, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and Cardiff Pride. They have been awarded a Star Performer Network Group by Stonewall.


TransSpace was set up for transgender/gender-questioning students to meet up in a confidential but relaxed setting. The meetings are hosted fortnightly by a member of the Student Support team, TransSpace is a good place to meet other trans or non-binary students in Cardiff Uni.

Anyone can access these services, whether you are out or questioning, as they are entirely confidential.


A relatively new society that was formed in 2019, TANGGS – Transgender, Ally, Non-binary, Gender questioning, and Gender non-conforming society – is open to anyone and hosts regular non-alcoholic socials in a friendly, judgment-free space.

CU Pride

A vibrant, friendly, and inclusive society that organises alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials across Cardiff and online, CU Pride is one of the most active societies across Cardiff Uni! There’s something for everyone at CU Pride with the opportunity for mentoring by senior LGBTQ+ students through the Parent system, so you will always feel at home!

These networks and support systems are so important and deserve to be utilised and highlighted all year round, not just in Pride month. Reach out and get involved—whether it’s joining a new society and making amazing friends, or using the support services, everyone deserves to be looked after and accepted.

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