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Cardiff University now offers LGBT+ accommodation for first year students

It became available for new students this year

For the first time this year, LGBT+ students at Cardiff University were able to choose to live in an exclusively LGBT+ flat.

Cardiff University is among one of the first UK Universities to introduce this option for first year residences. Other UK Universities include Birmingham University, Sheffield University and UWE Bristol, who also introduced it this year.

First year student Aimee is now living in an LGBT+ flat. She told The Cardiff Tab she felt safer living in an LGBT+ flat as "you know you aren’t living with other people who are homophobic". She also said it meant she was "able to meet other [LGBT+] people without having to go to socials with the LGBT society".

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The flats are at Talybont North and South

According to the Cardiff University website, "some flats at Talybont North and South have been reserved for LGBT+ students and allies".

When selecting their accommodation preferences, students that identify as or are allies of the LGBT+ community can "select this option on [their] online application."

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A Cardiff University spokesperson told the Cardiff Tab: "Adjusting to university life can prove to be a difficult and stressful time in a period of transition and change. We took the decision to pilot LGBT+ accommodation for the 2019/2020 year as part of a wider package of measures to help LGBT+ students adjust to university life.

"The University recognises that the accommodation will not be for everyone. We feel it’s important that students have the choice of living in LGBT+ only accommodation if they wish, just the same as we offer students the option to live in primarily Welsh speaking shared accommodation, or opt to live in single sex housing."