Here’s how to keep your car safe in Cathays

Because we’ve all seen the posts on Overheard

We’ve all seen the posts on Overheard, Cathays can be an absolute nightmare for parking. You can never find a space, scratches are a daily occurrence, and Overheard is saturated with posts complaining about people’s parking. More recently, however, many students’ cars have been victim to break ins, with some stealing laptops and other valuable goods.

So, here’s how to keep your car safe in Cathays, according to advice from South Wales Police.

Most car crimes are preventable

On their website, South Wales Police state that most car crimes are preventable and there are very simple things you can do to stop your car being broken into. It might seem obvious, but the most important thing to do is to ALWAYS make sure that your car is locked. There’s no saying a thief won’t break a window instead, like some Cathays students have found out, but having your car locked is an extra form of protection.

It only takes 10 seconds to break into a car

According to the South Wales Police website, it only takes 10 seconds to break into a car. So even if you think you’re just popping into a friend’s house for a cuppa, and it’s fine to leave your handbag or laptop in the car, a thief could have stolen them by the time you’ve got through the door.

Always remember how easy it can be for a thief to break in, and make sure you follow all the right safety procedures to protect your car and belongings.

Don’t leave anything in your car, whether you think it’s valuable or not

Whether it’s a laptop, handbag or even just a coat, don’t leave anything in your car – especially where it can be seen. But don’t think because it’s hidden in the boot that they won’t find it either. The South Wales Police website states that you should not keep belongings in the boot of your car, you should always take them with you.

Keep your car ownership information at home, not in your car

Most people don’t think twice about this one. Car ownership info is in the glove box and that’s where it’ll stay, right? Wrong. The South Wales Police website explains that you should also keep your car ownership details at home, or anywhere that isn’t your car. These details contain everything a thief might need to steal your car and sell it on. A big no no, even if it seems so trivial.

Close all of the windows and the sunroof (if you’ve got one)

The South Wales Police Car Crime Prevention advice states that all drivers should close their windows and sunroofs when leaving their vehicle. Even the smallest gap can make it so much easier for a thief to break in, and it’s really not worth it. Keep those windows closed people.

Try to park in safe areas and car parks with the Park Mark

We’re all aware that parking in Cathays is shocking to be honest, but making sure you’re parked near your house so that you can see your car is a big help.

The South Wales Police website stated that where you park can make a huge difference to the safety of both your car and belongings. When you’re leaving Cathays and parking in the city, try to ensure you park in car parks that have the Police ‘Park Mark’ standard. There is a Car Park Finder on the Park Mark website which you can use to find car parks with the Park Mark stamp.

Tbh, some people just like breaking things

As the Cardiff student below found out, you can do as much to protect your car as you like, but there’s still going to be those people who just love breaking things. If you see any suspicious behaviour, post on Overheard to let people know, and report it to the South Wales Police.

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