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Here are a few things you can do to keep safe in Cardiff at night

Tips to keep yourself and your friends safe

With the recent emergence of students telling their stories of feeling threatened whilst walking home alone at night, here are a few things you can do to keep yourself and your friends safe in Cardiff.

Safe Taxi Scheme with Dragon Taxis

The 'Safe Taxi Scheme with Dragon Taxis' urges students not to walk home alone at night in order to avoid any unsafe situations. The service allows students of Cardiff University to get in a taxi home from nights out regardless of whether or not they have the money to. The scheme operates by phoning Dragon Taxis on 029 2033 3333 quoting 'Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme' including your Cardiff student number. Once a taxi arrives, simply show your student ID and you will be charged accordingly by the Finance Office in the SU.

'Cardiff Women Walking Home' Facebook Chat

The Cardiff Tab has also set up a Facebook group chat called Cardiff Women Walking Home to try and combat similar occurrences. The group aims to let others know if a female student is walking home alone so that others can meet them or message them, to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Rape Alarms at Cardiff Uni Security Office

The Security Office on Main Campus also offers free rape alarms to both male and female students of Cardiff University. They work by letting off a high pitched alarm which can alert passers-by if you feel threatened or equally shock an attacker, giving you time to escape.

Cardiff Uni's Safezone App

Cardiff University offer safety for students via the Safezone App which can be downloaded from the following link.

The app allows students to communicate with security officials at Cardiff University where students can send a location based alert if ever in need of an emergency response. If you aren't in a position where you're able to call, the app also allows students to communicate with security officers via text message.

Drinkaware at Cardiff SU

If it's behaviour in the club that's making you fearful, then the Drinkaware Crew are trained staff in bars and clubs and work to reduce drunken anti-social behaviour within the club and to keep Cardiff Uni students safe.

Have a code word with friends

With the rise of dangerous occurrences affecting students walking home alone, students are being advised not to walk home alone, whether you feel able to do so or not. Students have suggested to 'have a code word in place' with your friends so people know when you/your friends are in danger.

With many incidences being aired on social media and amongst talk in uni, it is so important to keep yourselves and your friends safe. If you have any suggestions of ways the SU can help to keep students safer, contact [email protected] or tweet @WelfareCSU. If you have ideas you'd like to share to fellow students, DM us on Insta or tweet us!