Anna Rees

Anna Rees
Cardiff University


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Cardiff’s class of 2021 on the woes of having their final year during a pandemic

Only 12 per cent of students felt supported by their university

‘It’s painfully normalised’: Cardiff students discuss experiences of sexual assault

Only 9 per cent of victims reported their assault

SHAG walk 100km dressed as vaginas and penises to raise money for charity

‘Sex and sexual health are NORMAL’

Staff pay gap: Women at Cardiff Uni paid on average 19 per cent less than men

This is above the UK university average of 15.1 per cent

Celebrating iconic Welsh women throughout history this International Women’s Day

Who knew the creator of the mini-skirt was a Welsh gal

Cardiff students start petition against new ‘draconian’ Covid-19 policies

‘I’m constantly anxious’

Cardiff students on Capitol Hill: What do they have to say about the riots?

“Talybont is better at keeping people out than the capitol security”

Protesters gather outside Cardiff Bay police station after death of 24-year-old man

He died in police custody

Cardiff students and the Covid vaccine: Would they get it?

84 per cent of students said they would get the vaccine

Cardiff students call out racist responses to Sainsbury’s Christmas advert

‘This is our home, and we will be an equal part of it no matter the opinion of a loud racist minority’

Here’s how to keep your car safe in Cathays

Because we’ve all seen the posts on Overheard

All the things that should happen now that I’m a Celeb is being filmed in Wales

if they don’t arrive on Dave’s Coaches I cba

Hitting the gym and going for a pint: what Cardiff students are doing after lockdown

we’ll all be heading to the pub

Cardiff students hosted their own YOLO, and here’s what happened

VK’s all over the floor as you’d expect

A comprehensive list of all MLM and pyramid scheme beef on Overheard

“keep your dodge reverse funnel system to yourself”

Cardiff, Covid and mental health: How deep are the impacts of the pandemic?

‘I’m emotionally exhausted’

Scratches, shit parking and smashed windows: the perks of having a car in Cathays

just leave it at home tbh

The new normal: a Cardiff student’s average week during covid

you sit, you chat, you order a pint off the app

Women play rugby too: Cardiff Ladies Rugby President talks of gender disparities within the sport

“Something needs to give”

Cardiff students to protest against tuition fees on Sunday

The protest will be socially-distanced

Here we have it: Your ultimate isolation starter pack

You’ve deffo made banana bread

The most rogue things Cardiff students are selling online right now

Some of you really have no morals…

The nightmares of living with parents during lockdown

Mum I swear I DON’T smoke

‘We trusted them’: Cardiff students’ belongings thrown out by staff in halls

Seems like there’s no safety net for your kitchenware either

The no-detriment policy will not apply to some first and second year students and it’s not fair

You can’t give it to us one week and take it away the next

Here’s how to cope with the fam during lock-down

Beware the family yoga sesh

Here’s how to cope with the fam during lockdown

Beware the family yoga sesh

Let’s test how Welsh you’ve really become since university

You definitely cry at the national anthem

Cardiff University have officially postponed this year’s graduation

As if we thought coronavirus couldn’t ruin uni anymore

Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Cardiff Uni today

He’s speaking at the strike rally

The 12 main differences between studying in the US and the UK

Frat parties, alcohol bans and jail-like dorms

Cardiff Uni scientists find breakthrough in the T-cell which has the potential to treat a range of cancers

A new ‘killer’ cell has been discovered

Blankets, chargers and hot water taps: All the changes made to the ASSL

The only new years resolutions we care about right now

Major Cardiff road has been closed due to stabbing

There has been heavy police presence

Cardiff University pay 250 staff over £100,000 a year

Whilst most members of staff earn £36k

Cardiff Met student using Wetherspoons disabled toilet because of stoma bag accused of taking drugs

Amber Davies, 21, was accused of snorting, dealing and having sex in Birmingham’s ‘Dragon Inn’

What it’s really like working at Spoons

‘Babysitting freshers is not how I pictured my 20s’

I compared my Cardiff University experience to my Mum’s

Honestly, I don’t know how she coped without VK

The things millennial’s are SICK of hearing

We’ve all had that “when I was your age” lecture

Napping is actually really good for your health, science finds

Finally! My random naps have been validated x

We spoke to the Cardiff University student who has made it to the final of Miss Wales

“It’s nothing like Miss Congeniality!”

This is how to spot a Welsh girl during the Six Nations

Rugby is king, and we are the queens

The best dressed of Fight Night 2018

Oooh you sexy bunch

Jobs at Cardiff University are at risk after a £21m deficit

Significant cuts and losses have forced Cardiff University to consider reducing their staff numbers

A definitive list of everything you should do in Cardiff this Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

All of the things you can do to stay happy and stress-free at university

Easier said than done, I know

I’m from Swansea and I definitely prefer living in Cardiff

Shoes off if you hate Swansea