Scratches, shit parking and smashed windows: the perks of having a car in Cathays

just leave it at home tbh

If you’ve got a car in Cathays, you’ll be well aware of the stresses involved. Every hour on Overheard at Cardiff, there’s another break in, smashed window or dodgy bit of parking. Cathays car owners panic every time they see another post pop up, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before they become the next victim. Here’s an insight into the life of a Cathays car owner.

Scratches become a part of everyday life

You park your car properly, giving ample space between the car in front and behind you, thinking you’re out of harms way… Oh how naïve! There’s always some careless driver on the loose ready to give your car a little bump and grind. Who’d have thought your car would get more action than you this year?

Once again, my car is not a scratch card people. Go to the off license

Some people really just hate your car

Alcohol makes some people all giggly, or just really bad at dancing. For others, alcohol compels them to kick your car or punch your wing mirror. This really is strange behaviour guys, just get a maccies and go home. Stop destroying other people’s property.

For others, no alcohol need be involved. They’ll just punch your wing mirror off for the hell of it. Cheers mate.

The wardens are everyone’s worst enemy

Non-permit parking is sparse in Cathays, and it really is a battle to find anywhere to park if you’re navigating the streets at anytime after 5pm. Some of the more laid back Cathays residents try their luck on the old double yellows, but rarely is it successful. Appreciate the effort, but the house always wins remember.

I aspire to this level of both wealth and carelessness

Can anyone actually park properly, wtf?

Firstly, there’s the one’s who park a couple millimeters from the front of your car, giving you no possible means of escape. Then there’s the one’s that leave enough space for a smart car in front and behind of their car, meaning literally no one else can fit in. That’s one way to make sure no one hits it though, I guess. Third, there’s the one’s who block you in from all angles, NOT cool. Students have to get to work, go food shopping and go on, you know, other essential travels. So please, don’t be any of the said dicks.

how did you even get in the space???

Parking outside your house… who’s she?

It’s a well-known fact around Cathays that you can never find a parking space within a mile radius of your actual house. Sometimes you have to drive round for half an hour to find a spot. You have a car, but barely want to use it because there’s no way you’re getting that parking spot back. No wonder so many people just accept the fines, it’s a stress that no one needs right now.

People will smash your window to get literally anything inside

Leave quite literally anything inside your car when it’s parked in Cathays, and it’s very likely you’re going to wake up to a smashed car window. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Just don’t leave anything in your car. Simples.

If you’re a Cathays car owner, you’ll know these things all too well. Having a car in Cathays is not for the faint-hearted. Just keep doing what you’re doing, unless you’re a shit parker or a wing mirror destroyer, and we’ll make it through the year together.

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