Stop moaning about being stuck at home because at least you’re not isolating in halls

Feel like pure shit just want my mum back x

I couldn’t go back home to India due to border restrictions, and the family I have in Sweden are all high risk. So Cardiff, it looks like I’m here to stay. Cardiff isn’t exactly my ideal lockdown destination given that I’m alone in halls. So whilst everyone went home to spend their time with family or significant others, I’ve been getting my lockdown on in my Taly accommodation. Here’s how it went…

Of course I’ve turned into that girl who cuts their own hair

Naturally, I’ve got bangs now. Solo time in lockdown is just not complete without giving yourself a dramatic haircut. Youtube is teaching me so much that I’m even considering dropping out of uni to pursue my natural hair-cutting talent at this point.

That’s not the only thing I decided to makeover. Having the flat to myself means free reign on the kitchen. I’ve created a little sunbathing spot by the window and the sofa has become my new Netflix spot. I’ve turned into some sort of interior designer. There are plants everywhere. At least my empty wine bottles are coming in handy! Like I needed an excuse to drink more wine.

The first time I’ve held my textbook during this quarantine

I’m basically Remy from Ratatouille

Before university, I never cooked. My family own a restaurant so I’ve never really needed to and when I was travelling, my boyfriend did it for us. However, last night I successfully made sushi – on my first attempt! The only downside is I usually love what I’ve made a bit too much and end up eating my new fave meal for a week straight. I’ve now ruined fried rice for myself forever.

On my way to make pasta and truffle with white sauce for the fifth time this week

My goal is to become TikTok famous

I’ve made it on my friends’ ‘For You’ page more than once so I’ll officially be handing out autographs once this lockdown is over. Spending hours on TikTok is a great way to pass time. Lose the pyjamas, slap on some make-up and I instantly feel better. Who knew TikTok would be my isolation therapy? 

I’m only 54.2m followers away from being more famous than Charli d’Amelio

Even without students Taly finds a way to be loud

Freshers moving out should result in quiet time, right? Wrong. While it is fairly quiet most of the time, there are nights where I wake up because people are being super loud, and it’s always the nights where I’m attempting to sort out my sleeping pattern. Classic. It is nice to know that I’m not completely alone though. 

Yes, hello? I’d like to report an ILLEGAL GATHERING.

I miss my family so much more than I thought I would

Living on your own is great when you can go and meet friends and keep yourself busy. Living on your own in isolation is a completely different ball game. First year is hard either way and then throw in all of your friends leaving? It gets really lonely. I spoke to my little sister for 6 hours straight the other night, and I video chat my friends quite a bit. There’s only so many conversations you can have with yourself, trust me.

Video chats with the dog is a daily requirement

I’m actually really scared I’ll get the virus

I did take lockdown super seriously but I wasn’t that scared of getting the virus myself at first, I was more afraid of spreading it. My outlook has completely changed now after reading people’s stories and actually hearing how some of my friends have had it. Since I’m on my own, I’d have to take care of myself – something I struggle to do when I’ve just got a cold. I can’t imagine what I’d be like if I got this.

After spotting hand sanitiser for the first time in WEEKS

Before figuring out how to do this lockdown thing solo, my routine was super messed up. I’d wake up at around 7pm and then fall asleep at 11am, and eat whenever I was hungry. My mental health improved a ton when I started waking up before noon and actually going to bed before the sun rose. Eating regularly and healthily, thanks to my cooking, is so much better than eating a packet of Sweet Chilli Sensations for lunch. Who knew that actually taking care of yourself could have such a great effect? I obviously still devour the crisps but they’re strictly just Netflix snacks now.

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