12 iconic things about the SU that we never got to say goodbye to

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

For many of Cardiff’s final year students, we have had our final YOLO and JUICE without even knowing. Maybe it was kinder this way – enjoying life to the full, 4 VKs in hand, not crying our eyes out to Afterglow and Angels.

But it’s also kind of harsh, as there are many things we never go to say a real goodbye to…

1. The humble VK (Orange and Passionfruit obvs)

From our first till our last, VKs have always been there for us, and no words can express our gratitude.

You down one, give one to a stranger because you’ve realised holding so many drinks is a pain, and carry two more into a mosh pit. Where else can you get four of these J2Os on steroids for just £10? Nowhere except our iconic SU.

Everyone has a VK story, and our Cardiff uni experiences just wouldn’t have been the same without them.

God look at it, how could anything be so perfect

2. Our amazing security staff

What would we have done without King Tony, Queen Bev, and the rest of the gang? These heroes of the SU have always kept us safe and made us smile. They’ve always been there for us and on many occasions have made our nights. They’re the real unsung heroes of our SU.

Tony forever <3

3. Standing in smokers for half the night

Lost everyone, looked everywhere, there’s one place left to go… smokers. Even for non-smokers, this is the social hub of the SU. You might not find who you were looking for, but you’ll find at least seven other people who you can carry on your night with.

The memories of seeing one friend flirting for a ciggy, one pissing in the corner (DESGUSTEN), one crying over a rugby boy, three downing their drinks before heading to the bar, and one meeting the love of their life (or at least their Wednesday night). These sights can’t be unseen and we’re so grateful.

Dressing gowns and slippers are essentials for staying warm

4. Downstairs (RIP WHSmiths)

When everything is just too crowded in Main and you need to bust out some proper moves or interpretive dances, downstairs is the only place to go. Here you can groove to your heart’s content, usually putting some requests in with the DJ and truly expressing yourself.

How many other unis do you know that have such big nights out, they have to turn an actual shop into a club room?

Also, the loo queues are normally smaller downstairs

5. The bar staff putting up with our shit

How you deal with us slurring VK orders at you we’ll never know – but thank you for trying. And don’t think we haven’t noticed your sacrifice of giving up your own JUICE and YOLOs to take our tequila orders whilst managing to keep a smile on your faces, once again thank you and we’re so sorry xxx

More than a thank you – this probably should be an apology

6. Looking over the balcony to find your friends

You won’t ever find the people you’re looking for but at least it’s worth a try. Standing up there feels like your very own SU VIP area, and it’s the perfect place to upload that Insta story to let everyone in Cardiff – who’s already in JUICE – know that you’re there too.

Where’s the table service at?

7. The YOLO photo-booth calling us out on our antics

A truly iconic place in the SU where endless memories are made. What would we do without these awful photos, of things we’ve definitely forgotten, being published the next day to make our hangovers just a little bit more painful?

As if the roaming photographer wasn’t enough

8. Double vodka and juice @ JUICE

It is literally £2.50 for a double spirit and mixer which means you’ll definitely be buying more than you should be and end up feeling a bit worse-for-wear. But would you really be a Cardiff Uni student if you didn’t send it on SU nights? No, so send it we shall.

2 double vodka oranges por favor

9. The iconic silent disco

You know it’s going to be a big night out when the SU announces they’re putting on a silent disco in the great hall. Despite the fact our times at the silent discos were short, they were super sweet. We can’t even tell you how much we looked forward to the silent disco at varsity this year, but we guess good things come to those who wait.

Who ever came up with this idea deserves a knighthood

10. Constantly queuing (for everything)

Queuing to get in, to go to the loo, for the bar, even to leave if you stayed long enough. It seemed like the bane of our nights, but we would do anything to be shivering half to death in that fat SU queue right now. You see old best mates and make new ones, plus it gives you a chance to down your drinks or try and sober up so you get let in, maybe it wasn’t so bad after all…

Don’t think entry to YOLO would have felt so good if you didn’t have to run at 8:53 to get there

11. Bedlam, Cirque, Get Funky, and the other events the SU puts on

Not only has the SU provided us with more iconic Wednesdays and Saturdays than we could ever imagine. The events they’ve held have been ones for the history books.

The female population of Cardiff suddenly think they’re off to Boomtown, the boys all seem to think they’re at a Spring Break social, and the SU has never seen water sales like it. They’ve turned out to be some of our most memorable nights at uni and we’re so glad.

Alexa, play ‘Desire’ by Sub Focus

12. Snack Shack saving our lives and sobering us up

It’s 1:30 am, you’ve been here since 9 pm after a long social but in many ways, this is just the beginning. The only way to stop yourself dipping early to FamFish for chips and curry sauce, is by ordering burger and fries in Snack Shack, and eating it right there in the middle of the dance floor. Wash it down with another VK and off you go, truly iconic.

Chips without having to leave the club really was a genius idea.

Chicken Mayo and fries plsss

Basically, we are really going to miss it

We just cannot imagine our lives without you SU, and the Class of 2020 graduates will miss you every Wednesday and Saturday for the rest of our lives.

Don’t be sad it’s over, be grateful that it happened <3

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