Uni cancelled our graduation so we took matters into our hands and made our own

Alexa, play ‘Graduation’ by Kanye West

What do you do when you’ve been robbed of your graduation day and memories of a lifetime all thanks to a global pandemic? Make your own graduation day, that’s what. Boomerangs pending.

We made our own DIY cap

If there’s one hat we wouldn’t mind messing up our bouncy Molly-Mae curls for, it’s a graduation cap. But when there’s no chance you’ll be getting that experience this side of Christmas then surely the only option is to make your own, right? This is where two pieces of plain cardboard and some string will come in handy. Classy, cheap, gets the job done.

Who needs a gown and cap when you’ve got two pieces of A4?

Took 1,000 photos for our mums

Mums love taking embarrassing photos for their Facebook timelines at every given opportunity. So, they’re definitely just as gutted as us that they won’t be able to spam their feed with pics of us in our gowns and caps, showing off to their school friends (we see you Karen, back off).

You’re welcome Jackie slap that on the feed x

Spammed the gram with boomerangs

We would be lying if we said Insta didn’t see it first. In fact, Insta saw at least three Boomerangs and a spam of multiple photos in a wide range of locations, sorry not sorry to our followers. Quality, wholesome content incoming.

Animated GIF

Far too cute

Went to the typical graduation spot (and there was no pressure to be quick!)

We took as many photos as we wanted and were only judged by the man in the security booth, instead of hundreds of onlookers dressed to the nines waiting for their turn in the prime spot – Main Building, of course. Win, win situation if you ask me.

You can guarantee this is getting posted at prime time

We had just as much fun as we would have had with the real thing

Despite the fact we were super gutted our graduation was cancelled, we made the best of a bad situation and created a day full of memories and so much fun – which may not have happened if our graduation went ahead. So not only will we (eventually) get our real graduation, we also had a fake graduation which was 10x more bants than we could have ever expected.

We also made a scroll because why not

We took all of these pics before the government advised to self-isolate and to not see friends and family so please don’t attempt this until the lockdown has been lifted – your fake grad time will come.

Stay safe and stay home!

If you are concerned about coronavirus, you can find more help and guidance here.

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