You won’t believe your eyes, Cardiff city centre is a ghost town right now

And to rub it in more, the weather is peng

Photos have emerged of Cardiff under lockdown and the city looks unrecognisable. People aren’t crawling out of Liveys, gathering like sheep on the Hayes nor rushing to get their space in a Maccies queue. Our beloved city has literally shut down in a matter of days, and we know it’s for the greater good but we just can’t believe the scenes!

Freelance filmmaker, Luke Chard Media from South Wales, posted photos this week of the deserted Cardiff streets while people are self-isolating.

Cardiff, 10:45, Wednesday 25th March 2020#cardiff #corona #28dayslater

Posted by Luke Chard Media on Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Taken at 10:45am on Wednesday 25th March, the photos show some of Cardiff’s busiest streets minus the hustle and bustle.

Those flags are fluttering in all their glory without a soul to appreciate them

Even in the midsts of a lockdown, there’s still barely any Next Bikes in their racks

Wharton Street hasn’t been this quiet since Wales lost to England in the Six Nations

John Lewis will have to do a great Christmas advert this year to make up for the lack of business in Cardiff

What I would give to have a few pitchers in the Prince of Wales right now

I can imagine John Batchelor is getting quite lonely without the constant stream of people going in and out of the St. David’s centre

We’re all seriously missing the Diff, but we can guarantee you’ve already planned the first Spoons sesh with your mates once this has all blown over. Stay safe for now kids.

If you are concerned about coronavirus, you can find more help and guidance here.

Feature image credit: Cartridge Save ‘A Day in the Life’

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