Third year finished faster than we thought, here’s what you’ll miss the most about Cardiff Uni

Alexa, play Post Malone ‘Fall Apart’

Devastation has hit students up and down the country, from SU nights being cancelled, pub trips down the drain and graduation ceremonies postponed, ruining our posey Insta pics and punny captions. Let’s face it, Coronavirus has robbed us of our third-year memories and for that, we will never forgive it.

Our time in Cardiff has come to an abrupt end and no one actually knows what the hell is going on?? To wallow in our sadness and disappointment even more than we already are, here’s a compilation of the things you’ll miss the most about Cardiff uni.

The SU steps

Alright so we said goodbye to these a while ago but it doesn’t mean we’re not still hurting. The SU steps are a central part of uni life. It’s where you’ve cried to your Freshers’ crush after leaving YOLO. It’s where you’ve tried to do some parkour down the rail. It’s where you’ve queued for hours and hours just to get your hands on a Varsity ticket, t-shirt and nabbed your seat on the 10:30 am bus. The steps are gone, but they’re never forgotten.

House trips to Cathays Terrace Tesco at 10 pm at night

It’s 10 pm, you’re all watching Netflix and dying of boredom. The only way to entertain yourselves is to get your shoes on, grab a coat and make a trip to Cathays Terrace Tesco for absolutely no reason to literally buy snacks that you definitely don’t need.

Fancy dress socials

It’s hard to believe that real adults who work real jobs in the real world don’t get dressed up on a Wednesday to dance in a sweaty club at 10pm? Only to leave in your minimal, bunny costume to grab some chips and curry sauce from Fam Fish. Our wardrobes have compiled many fancy dress costumes and Wednesdays just won’t need them anymore. Brb, just going to cry while dressed as a dwarf.

Lidl bakery

Ok so you can still grab a pastry from any Lidl anywhere in the UK, but it’s never quite Cathays Lidl bakery is it? Grabbing that cheeky doughnut, a pizza slice and making your way to the ASSL, there’s just no routine like it. It’s saved us in our times of need and given us our carb fix, thanks for the memories Lidl bakery.

Lectures with your mates

Does anyone even go to lectures and pay attention? It’s a chance to catch up with the squad and get the goss, and definitely isn’t to learn about household life in medieval England. There will never be another opportunity to pack your bag, meet the gals and spend an entire hour giggling and chatting away while your lecturer throws some daggers your way.

Balling in the Museum

Only the elite ball in the Museum and that elite includes Cardiff uni students. It only happens once a year and it’s the only opportunity to show your course crush that you can scrub up well and you don’t only walk around in a ridiculous costume as you do for YOLO every week.


We all pretend to hate the ASSL and its prison-like building but really, we absolutely love it. It’s the hub of student life and you’re never a real Cardiff student if you haven’t done an all-nighter at the ASSL.

Woody is always there for you

Another iconic landmark on the Cardiff uni campus. You’ve come far in your uni life, you’ve moved from the College Tavern and Blackweir to sitting with the big boys like the Woody and Gassy’s. They’re busier, better and offer you some irresistible deals on the daily – who doesn’t love a Wing Wednesday?

Varsity and the Cardiff chants

If you haven’t been to a Varsity then you may as well announce your degree as being void. You just can’t go to Cardiff uni and not get involved with the chants at Varsity. From bullying Swansea students about their dad working for our dad, telling them their uni is green, white and f***ing shite or even going through the effort of taking our shoes off because we just absolutely can’t stand them. It’s a part of uni that you’ll never experience again and honestly, we’re just feeling the sadness.

Rugby game day in Prince of Wales

Rugby happens everywhere, we know, but there isn’t a rugby game day quite like the ones in Cardiff. It’s literally on your calendar from the minute the dates are confirmed and you’ll dig out your national jersey to get ready for a heavy day on the dark fruits in the Prince of Wales.

Hating any uni that isn’t Cardiff uni

It’s just in our blood at this point and it’s never going away. Cardiff uni students are programmed to hate Swansea, Met and USW and it will probably never change. It’ll be quite weird heading into a job at PwC and not constantly ripping into KMPG for the simple fact they just aren’t as good as you.

Wasting so many hours in the JP cafe

You’ll arrange with your mates to grab the big tables and do some work all day, but does that ever really happen? Definitely not. You’ll spend hours laughing, gossiping, Instagramming and just doing anything other than your actual assessments. Plus, the JP cafe is the best place to hang out at uni with super cheap hot food, sandwich deals and even some cheeky desserts if you’re quick enough, JP, we will miss you.

The SU bouncers you’ve befriended

It’s inevitable that after many drunken stunts to the SU, you’ve become a familiar face to the SU bouncers on the doors of Y Plas. You’ve started to recognise them too, giving Tony a little wave and asking Andrew how his wife is keeping. They’re the pillars of the SU and we will miss them dearly.

There are probably many more things you’ll miss about Cardiff uni, especially when it has been our lives for the past 2 and a half years. At this rate, we should start taking our shoes off if you hate coronavirus because it’s not ranking high in our good books.

Cardiff uni, you’ve been great. Y Plas, keep doing you. It’s been the absolute best 3 years and we’ve all made some friends for life – we just had to end it on that soppy note. Try not to cry too much third-years and make sure you keep washing your hands, loves x

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