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The seven stages of self-isolation every Cardiff student is going through right now

We really, really, really miss YOLO

Being stuck inside for the foreseeable future really does suck and, like many others, we are grieving Uni life. Never did we think we would actually want to go to the ASSL or visit the JP Cafe but here we are. Just like grief, here are the Seven Stages of Isolation we’ve gone through and you will too.

1. Shock and denial

We just can’t believe it might not be until September before we take that next sip of VK in the sweaty SU. That’s heartbreak if ever I’ve seen it. If we had seen this coming, we would have been on top form for our last social. Surely this can’t be happening!

VKs run through my veins

2. Pain and guilt

Not being able to visit the Woody for one last round of Pancake Tuesday or Wings Wednesday really tears us apart inside. We’re not sure we’ve ever felt pain like it. Instead we’re stuck at home being force-fed healthy food by our mums, craving nothing but Fam Fish chips and curry sauce.

Guilt comes in the form of taking the last Lidl toilet roll and cookie from the bakery. Sorry everyone, we don’t make the rules. Not quite what we had in mind for our final term of uni.

We would do anything to be inside The Woody right now

3. Anger and bargaining

We don’t think we’ve ever felt anger like we did after reading the email saying the ASSL was closing, and that Juice and YOLO were cancelled. We have so many questions. Mainly, wtf Cardiff?

Have you ever tried bargaining with someone in Lidl for the last carton of eggs? No? We did and all of our efforts were in vain. She didn’t even budge when we told her it’s the only thing we know how to cook. Do you want me to starve hun?

Shelves as dry as my DMs

4. Depression, reflection, loneliness

Just when you think you’re slowly getting there, the depression hits. Lidl is empty, Maccies has closed for good, and you’ve had to empty your uni room four months early despite still having to pay rent </3

On reflection, we really did take for granted the gems of Cardiff. Never will we complain about waiting at the Hoffi Coffi crossing for ten minutes, or walking up the gross new SU stairs. We even miss the annoying things about Cardiff.

Not until we moved back home did we realised it’s not normal to walk into your flatmates room at 2am and make TikToks, or cook a gourmet meal at any hour of the day, because you’ll be swiftly told off by your mum – your independence gone! This leaves you with an overwhelming feeling of lonliness. In uni you really can talk to anyone at any hour of the day.

Nothing like a Victoria Sponge at 1am

5. The upward turn

Ok, so maybe we do miss everything about Cardiff, but all of our deadlines have been pushed back a month and for the first time in our lives we actually have an excuse to watch Netflix all day everyday. We also now have a valid excuse to not go to the gym. Postponing that summer body to 2021, soz.

This is dangerous

6. Reconstructing and working through

We are ever so slowly working through the VK withdrawal, but not quite over the £3 SU vodka orange juice. That’s a different story.

Cracking open a tinny at home just isn’t the same as it is on a sunny day in Bute Park with your mates. However, we have had to make the most of a bad situation. Therefore, from this day forward you’ll find us in a duvet burrito watching netflix and maybe the odd lecuture.

SU photo booth we will miss you exposing us weekly

7. Acceptance and hope

We are yet to accept the fact that our last few months of uni have been stolen from us. However, we find hope in the fact that one day we will reenter the SU, surrounded by all our mates, and have the best night ever!

All jokes aside, let’s stay positive, help one another out and stay at home!

Have you been directly affected by coronavirus? Email tips to [email protected] 

If you suspect you have coronavirus, you should phone NHS Direct Wales on 0845 46 47 or 111 for advice. 

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