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Men on trial for murdering Cathays victim found guilty

“A senseless and horrific act of evil”

The men on trial for stabbing 18-year-old Fahad Mohammed Nur have been found guilty.

Shafique Shaddard, a 25-year-old from Butetown and brothers Mustafa Aldobhani, 22 and Abdulgalil Aldobhani 23 from Cathays, have been found guilty of murdering Nur. There was also a fourth defendant from Birmingham, 35-year-old Aseel Arar, who was found guilty of assisting an offender.

The court heard how Mr Nur was ambushed whilst on his bike, in the alley between Park Place and Corbett Road, near Cardiff University.

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The alley is used daily by Cardiff University students and staff

Prosecutor Michael Jones QC said the attack was a "hunt down" of the victim and explained to the court that Mr Nur was trapped and stabbed multiple times.

In spite of the defence arguing that Mr Nur was the "aggressor", the defendants have been found guilty and the sentencing is due to take place on Friday 7th February. However, Aseel Arar will be sentenced at the end of the month.

The defence's argument also said that Mr Nur was in possession of almost £1k in cash and Class A drugs. The defence claimed that Mr Nur was a "drug dealer, apparently on active duty".

During the trial, a victim impact statement from Mr Nur's sister was read aloud. It said the attack "shocked the whole of Cardiff's Somali community" and that it was a "senseless and horrific act of evil".

The trial was held in Cardiff Crown Court

Deputy Chief Inspector Mark Shea from South Wales Police also made a statement, saying the victim died in a "cowardly attack" and that "the level of violence and ferocity was unjustified and unprovoked".

A tribute was also payed by Shea to the victim's family and those who tried to save Mr Nur's life.

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