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Cathays stabbing victim accused of being ‘the aggressor’ in court

Three men are on trial for his murder

Fahad Mohamed Nur, who was stabbed to death outside Cathays station in June, has been accused of being 'the aggressor' by a barrister defending those accused of his murder.

Two brothers, Mustafa Aldobhani and Abdulgalil Aldobhani are on trial for the murder, along with a third man Shafique Shaddad.

Narita Bahra who is defending Abdulgalil Aldobhani in Cardiff Crown Court claimed Fahad had a history of violence, and had previously been stopped by the police for carrying two knives.

She said Fahad had nearly £1,000 hidden in his shoe and 43 wraps of crack cocaine and heroin hidden in his underwear on the night of the attack.

She asked the jury if they were sure Abdulgalil was not acting in self-defence.

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The court has previously heard that Fahad was found with 21 stab wounds after being chased through the streets. He also displayed defence injuries to his face and arms. He later died at the University Hospital of Wales from his "catastrophic injuries", including a fatal wound through the heart.

The prosecution has said that two weeks after the attack a meat cleaver and a kitchen knife were found by a toilet block near Cardiff University, and have described the attack as "a determined and calculated pursuit to corner and kill him".

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