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Panic over, The Taf’s Stock Exchange is definitely running this year

And the Cardiff student population gives a collective sigh of relief

Fear struck the hearts of Cardiff students today when one student posted in Cardiff's Overheard Facebook page that The Taf Stock Exchange was nowhere to be seen on the SU website. However, we can confirm that it is back for 2018 and will be taking place on the 14th December before term finishes.

For those who don't know, the Stock Exchange, also known as "drink the bar dry", is an annual event at The Taf on the last day of the first semester when an all-day stock exchange means drink prices are dramatically lowered, and general drunken hilarity ensues. The prices go up and down throughout the day and it's a race to the bar to get the best prices.

However, earlier today a concerned student on Overheard demonstrated a call to action to the student population, when he couldn't see the popular event on the SU website. And encouraged us to fight for this well-loved tradition that allows us to "drink until we cannot stand, to sing until our lungs give out, and to dance the night away." We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

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But it seems a student-wide protest will not be necessary, as venues supervisor of the SU, Emily Maule told The Cardiff Tab that "drink the bar dry will definitely be running."

Panic over, disaster averted, clearly the SU know better than to take our beloved drinking pastimes away from us.