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We’re creating a group chat so girls in Cardiff can get home safely after a night out

It will create a safety net for those who need to get home alone at night

The Cardiff Tab are creating a group chat to ensure that girls in Cardiff can get home safely after a night out if they are alone or could be in danger.

The idea has been inspired following the success of an all female group chat created for this purpose by a Nottingham University Second Year. And after asking over 1,000 Cardiff students if this group chat would be helpful and over 90 percent saying that it would be a good idea, we've decided to create one.

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The group chat in Nottingham

The Cardiff Women Walking Home group will be a secure group chat created by women on Facebook messenger with member approval by the admins so that each member is a fellow student and female (including trans-women and non-binary individuals) using the chat for its purpose.

The idea behind the group chat is to create a platform for girls to contact if their housemates or no one else they know is available for them to call or text on their way home to check that they're safe.

Walking home alone is the last option for many, however sometimes it is unavoidable if you've been left alone, haven't gone out with housemates or do not feel comfortable getting in a taxi alone. Therefore, the chat will provide those who are vulnerable and trying to get home with support, so they can let someone know their current situation.

Following on from this, it is vital that Cardiff students are aware of the Dragon Taxi get home safe scheme, as many end up walking home alone if they do not have the cash to pay for a taxi. Dragon Taxis are partnered with Cardiff Students' Union so those who don't have the cash to get home can get in a Dragon Taxi and pay back the SU within 48 hours.

Students must must quote that they wish to make a booking on the Cardiff University Safe Taxi Scheme and provide their full name and Cardiff University student number. Even for those who are nervous about getting a taxi home alone, the chat is there for support.

To register your interest in joining the group chat, follow this link.