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Vegan Christmases are actually the best, and here’s why

No Gran, I don’t want any turkey

As Christmas rolls round and the feasting season begins, justifying your dietary choices to your family will become a daily chore. Aside from the obvious lack of harm to living beings, here are a few reasons why a vegan Christmas is the best way to go. Prepare to be very jealous.

You can be the centre of attention

In recent years veganism has been on the rise, it is the trendiest lifestyle on the block and everyone wants to hear about it. Add to that the conversational improvements alcohol gives, and there you have the most receptive audience to the vegan message you will ever find. Everyone will be intrigued by your vegan sausages which have replaced the standard pigs in blankets.

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You can spend the day getting even more drunk than your meat eating relatives

Most alcohol is vegan friendly, so don't fear missing out on a traditional Buck's Fizz with breakfast. There's an extra bonus this year as two new Baileys substitutes have been released, so you can even enjoy the most festive of drinks.

Plus, loads of spirits are vegan friendly, so you can even do Christmas shots with your grandparents on the one day of the year it's acceptable to get absolutely fucked with your family.

You'll probs be able to get smashed more quickly than everyone else too, as vegetables and vegan sausage won't line your stomach as much as a plate full of turkey and pigs in blankets. This is deffo a bonus as it will get you through all the awkward conversations with the elderly relatives.

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Time to get bevved

There's less chance of you getting ill

With all the unhealthy food around at Christmas time it can feel like an effort to try and fit in your five portions of fruit and vegetables. As a vegan dinner consists primarily of veg- you can probably get all five in one meal, and all those extra vitamins will hopefully stave off the winter cold that's been going around. Who doesn't want to smugly breathe with ease whilst everyone else is constantly blowing their nose? This is just another perk of a vegan lifestyle.

The food coma is not as bad

Whilst everyone else is rendered motionless on the sofa for hours after eating their body weight in turkey, you will be sprightly, energetic and feeling great due to the lightness of your vegan meal- unless of course you've overdosed on the roasties.

Of course, this means you can choose what to watch on TV, after all, you'll be the only one able to get the remote! Move over Queen's speech, it's time for some Pixar.

There's absolutely no risk of choking on dry turkey

There is approximately 16,000 cases of choking dealt with by the NHS each year. I'm not saying meat is to blame, but dry turkey is definitely a major risk, especially if it's like saw dust.

Stay safe with a vegan Christmas dinner- mushy veg won't get stuck in your windpipe.

Two words, roast potatoes

Potatoes are a vegan's best friend and a brilliant source of carbs which help us through the cold winter months. Roast potatoes are unquestionably the star of any Christmas dinner, and anyone who argues with this does not deserve a seat at the table. Just make sure they're cooked in olive oil and stockpile an entire plateful as early as possible- they're a vegan's dream, and you can never have too many…

Crispy carb heaven

This is just a selection of the many reasons why vegan Christmases are obvs the best. So, who's for a nice slice of nut roast?