You’re young! Travel in the summer while you still can

Everyone’s alive, but be someone who lives

So another year is almost over, exam season is slowly but surely coming to an end and all-nighters in the library will soon enough be a distant memory.

That exciting last day of uni cannot come fast enough, and then you can booze and re-live Freshers to your hearts content. However once the celebrations and parties have diminished, what are you going to do when everyone is packing up and returning home? Will you also go home? Work? Take up evening classes? End up constantly craving for the weekly Saturday night out?

There is no other way to reward yourself after a hard year of studying than to spend the summer travelling. Holidays, inter-railing, festivals abroad, backpacking… all these things cannot be done forever. You need to explore the world as much as possible before the time for travelling is up.


Financially, there isn’t a better time to go travelling. We are provided with student loans to live, and what better way to live than travel the world?

Instead of spending student loans relentlessly on takeaways after a night out, save up the cash and put it towards a flight to Australia or an inter-railing ticket. Once plane fares are dealt with, travelling can be fairly cheap if holidaymakers use hostels, bus transport, and sponge off the local café’s Wi-Fi. You could even get a job while abroad to earn some extra cash.

When we are young there is nothing holding us back, no real attachments, and no obstacles. Granted, we need the jobs in shops and pubs to earn some money, but nothing is really serious. You’re not going to be working in the village post office forever.


Once we are older, with a career, partner and kids, life becomes a tad more difficult. With too many things keeping you in the world of adulthood, the furthest you can get away is Butlins. And maybe if you’re lucky, a short weekend getaway to Benidorm.

Majority of students return home to parents across the three or four months of summer holiday, which means they will be supplied food and accommodation for the entirety of their stay. If students are not spending money on these boring essentials, what better way to stack up the cash and go travelling?

It's ours for the taking

It’s ours for the taking

Besides after being away from home for a year, can students really tolerate living under authority again? The constant nagging to tidy your bedroom or visit your grandparents, when there are a million and one things out there that you could and should be freely exploring.

Once graduated, never again will we have such a long time off. In most jobs employees are only entitled to three weeks holiday across the whole year, so now that volunteering project in Bali you had your heart set on will have to wait until you’ve resigned.


And finally, travelling is just an amazing experience. Why slave away working in the mediocre British weather, when you could be learning the culture and lifestyle of other countries, working on your tan on the beach, or making new life-long friends. Multiple countries across the globe even offer internships or work experience placements, so you could pursue your dream job or passion in what feels like a whole new world.

So what are you waiting for? Life is too short. Get out there before  it’s too late.