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I'm Gemma, I'm 22 and studying Journalism and Communications at Cardiff University. I like travelling, music, hot chocolate, and of course writing on here now and again.
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Cardiff Uni will not be offering student refunds over the strikes

“We have already taken a number of steps to minimise the impact of strike action”

Can we all agree Salisbury is terrible for a night out

Crop tops are compulsory girls

Cardiff University has launched an anonymous system for students to report sexual and violent abuse

24 incidents have already been reported since October

A twelve-hour dance marathon for charity will be taking place this Sunday in the SU

Dance styles including jazz, street, and contemporary will be taught during the day

The All Blacks opened Cardiff University Gym today

Can they open every building please

The Cardiff Uni Ladies’ Hockey Club naked calendar is out now

The calendar aims to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer Care

Crwys Road was closed last night as armed police attended cannabis bust

The reason behind the Crwys Road closure

BREAKING: Crwys Road has been cordoned off

A helicopter is currently circling Cathays

Cardiff University libraries made over £20,000 in late fines last year

Over a 1000 books were returned late

If you want to pull a rugby lad you’ll have to go to Retro because they’re banned from the SU

Hold back the tears girls

The creepy red ‘IT’ balloons have been spotted around Cardiff uni

Not clowns AGAIN

Here are just some of the societies you have probably never heard of

Assassins Society anyone?

Students’ Union evacuates thousands during YOLO

An alleged fire has caused the closure

This absolute legend made it his mission to visit every single bar in Cardiff

He conquered 31 pubs in 30 days

A giant inflatable arena will be coming to Cardiff this Halloween

Yes, you will have to dress up

Your daytime guide to Cardiff Freshers’ 2017

Don’t worry you’ll still be ready in time for pres

Commonwealth swimmer accused of raping a student after a night out in Cardiff may face a retrial

The swimmer could be facing the retrial later this month

Nearly 3000 crimes were committed in Cathays in four months

Violence and Sexual offences were one of the most common crimes

Stay calm, Cardiff’s first cat cafe will be opening this summer

Paws for a minute and read the good news

The best ways to procrastinate

It doesn’t have to be a nap

Over 50 per cent of Cardiff students are voting Labour in the upcoming election

26 per cent will be voting Conservative

Clubbers of the week

Who needs to do well in exams anyway?

Cardiff ranked in the top 50 best universities in the country

Of course we did

The annual Cannabis March will be hitting the streets of Cardiff this Saturday

The march is in protest of the cannabis prohibition under UK law

Main Building was super lit today – here’s why

Three fire engines were on the scene and students had to evacuate

Get excited people – Cardiff’s Clubbers of the Week is back!

It’s about time for some procrastination

Things to do when your parents come to visit, excluding Cardiff Castle and Bute Park

How am I meant to fill up an entire weekend with these people?

There’s more to Salisbury than just a cathedral

Although there is literally NOTHING to do

Here’s everything you’ll inevitably learn as a second year in Cardiff

A guide to partying, food and mould

Christmas always ruins my December birthday

No one ever remembers

X Factor’s Honey G is performing at Pulse on Friday

I say Honey, you say…

What’s the worst thing that happened in 2016?

Can it just end now please

Everything that’s going on in Cardiff this Halloween

It’s that time of year already

Why doesn’t Cardiff’s SU have more female toilets?


Have a look at The Dead Canary, Cardiff’s secret cocktail bar

This speakeasy will take you back decades

All the things Mum made you pack for university

You’re never going to use a whisk

A new night bus service is due to launch in Cardiff

It launches this Sunday

Bump and Grind sold out almost every Monday last year

I don’t see nothing wrongggg

You’re young! Travel in the summer while you still can

Everyone’s alive, but be someone who lives

Revision aid petting zoo is back

It will be returning to ASSL gardens tomorrow

The Queen will visit Cardiff University to open new research centre

Cardiff University’s Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) will be opened by her Majesty on 7th June

How to spot someone who’s had a ‘gap yah’

“When I was in Thailand…”

The Flora Pub is being refurbished to attract more students

The objective is to have a chic and welcoming atmosphere

People need to stop saying working in retail is a doss job

We have to smile all day, that’s tiring.

Stage lineups announced for X Music Festival

Eats Everything and Shy FX are headlining the other stages

A Facebook page advertising Cardiff’s Slide ‘N’ Fly may be a scam

Thousands of people signed up for an event that did not happen

How to tell someone you don’t want to live with them next year

It’s that time of year again

Taly North are the best halls for pre-drinks

South have nothing on us

The fourth series of Sherlock is going to be filmed in Cardiff

Keep your eyes peeled Cumberbatch fans

Subject socials are so much better than sport socials

Initiations, deadly hangovers during training, and £30 every night out? No thank you.

A cyclist was knocked into the air by a car on North Road

He miraculously only suffered a minor injury to his shoulder

Taly Tesco has delayed its opening hours so it can prepare for Black Friday

Set your alarm for 4.45am

How much does each night out in Cardiff cost you?

Glam or Barcelona?

A pretty good list of your options this Halloween

Let’s be honest, we’re all going to Splott