You are a member of a Cardiff uni style tribe

And you probably know it too

Going to university means no more fugly school uniforms that pinch you in all the wrong places.

Oh, the joys of being able to wear what you like, when you like. So why do we all look the fucking same?

The “I play rugby, yah” look

Come rain or shine

This is perhaps one of the easiest and portable outfits around campus.

For all those who play rugby flip flops are a must. In rain or shine these babies prove the best form of footwear for rugby players to plonk about it.

As well as flip flops, the Hawaiian dress sense does not end there. Shorts, namely rugby shorts or sports branded, that are tight, and with mild grass stains accompany the flipflops. Even at Christmas when they’re freezing their bollocks off, you’ll be sure to find some rugga boys proudly striding around in them.

Finally the backward cap finishes this saucy little outfit. Please note: a protein shaker is a necessity – just to let everyone know you’re all about the gainz.

The gym bunny

Everyone needs to know I work out

Even if they’re not planning to go to the gym, you can be sure to find female gym bunnies wear Lycra at all times.

Long, middle, or short length skin tight leggings can be seen making an appearance in libraries and lectures. Not to mention some outrageously fluorescent, expensive Nike trainers which look like a rainbow has vomited onto them.

This whole outfit is usually accompanied with a face full of make up, suggesting that looks are more important to their work out than actually breaking a sweat.

The hipsters

Did I mention I did eight hours of yoga and had my vegan all natural organic slice of sunshine and happiness before my 9 am?

Our beloved hipsters. Bless them. Rocking the sixty vibes of love, peace, beards, glasses, scraggly jumpers that look like carpets and over sized trousers taking inspiration from tents. They bloody love to free the nip.

Although they look unmaterialistic, these cool cats probably all have iPhones and buy most of their wardrobe from Urban Outfitters or Topshop.

The 90’s cool kids

House every weekend

The nineties grunge style has stamped its mark on many of us.

Looking like they’ve rolled straight out of the cast of a This is England ’90, this look is pretty easy to pick up. Think Ellesse, Nike jumpers, creepers, chokers and trainers, all worn with an ice cold demure and constant bitch face.

The Fashionistas

Wurk it

It is always amazing when people can actually take the time and effort to look nice on a regular basis. In true runway style you can be sure to spot spicy fashionistas from their effortlessly cool outfits.

Often bold, elegant and out there. Their outfits don’t really have any classification but can be sure to make you feel like you have really let yourself down when you decided to throw on your favorite pair of jeans and what you thought was a nice jumper but now, having caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror you realise you should never go shopping by yourself. Ever again.