Bachelor of the week: Rezo

Look at this Talybont totty


This is Rezo, he’s a Kurdish born 21-year-old-first year Law student from Oxford. 

He took a few gap years where he taught English in Russia and worked in pretty much every retail chain imaginable, so he’s pretty good at stacking shelves. He once even did a delivery in the buff.

Rezo’s range of talents include speaking an impressive four languages and he has even fought for England in Karate – it’s always useful to know someone with a black belt.

If you want to get in Rezo’s good books follow in his Mum’s footsteps. She recently brought this big softie a delivery of caviar and a bag full of clementines when visiting him at university.

His prized possessions include an oversized Lego boat, which is one of Rezo’s greatest achievements to date, and his vast collection of toiletries that would rival many girls (he  does though need to tame his ponytail – which he constantly insists is a “top knot”.)

He tends to oversleep and miss lectures and needs a lady there as his personal wake up to ease him into those 9ams. He might even show you his penguin onesie if you are lucky.

If you think you could be the missing piece to Rezo’s puzzle you will be able to find him around Talybont – don’t be shy, you might get to see his bachelor pad.

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