Camshots: The Guys

TOMMY SHANE turns the spotlight back on sexy guys, because the girls have hogged it for too long. Even a prof has got involved.

academic Cambridge camshots clothes Exams fear of the rear of the year pineapple rear of the year sexism street style Tweed

You may have the fear of the rear of the year, but the boys are back to show that they haven’t been put off posing for The Tab – at least with their clothes on.

This term many have opted for the academic look, perhaps to boost their self-esteem in light of exams. But there was also a bit of pineapple-flamboyancy, in a diverse selection of undergrads, postgrads, and even a professor. But don’t forget, these guys are not sex objects. They just wear awesome clothes. And in the name of sexual equality, we will of course be publishing a girl counterpart next week.

Enrico, 2nd year archaeologist

Alex, 3rd year classicist at Girton

Charlie, PHD in Anthropology at King’s

2nd year student studying EDE

Max, 2nd year Land Ec student at Downing

Professor Volker Heine, Fellow at Clare