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REVIEW: Exam Term

1/5 stars from me

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Honesty is the best policy

Being real and kind about work

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How to Survive Exam Term

This term can be tough, but it doesn’t need to be impossible

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Things that prelimmers never say

‘Prelim life is the best life’

To revise or not to revise

Tick tock on the clock, but exam term don’t stop

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Cambridge exams can now be changed or SHORTENED due to strikes

Some papers, even finals, could last less than the usual three hours

Why are Cambridge students so obsessed with League Tables?

Our obsession with league tables is unproductive and reveals insecurities.

How to prepare for mediocrity

So you think you’re the shit

Trinity tops it again: Tompkins Table 2017

Where did your college come?

Sexual assault survivors should be granted extenuating circumstances

The new guidelines are a step forward, but we need to go further

Escape the Cambridge bubble

10 places for under £20 from Cambridge

News Column: Naughty NatScis, moaning Medwards and pedantic Pembroke

Read it to make sure it isn’t about you

Revealed: The shocking effect of Cambridge lifestyle on menstruation

The first results from our Sexual Health Survey are in

How to be the most hated person in Cambridge

I’m sorry my exams are finished before yours

Queens’ May Ball Headliner Revealed

There’s something for everyone

How to eat your way to exam success

Fight tiredness and stress with these foodie tips

Take care of yourself during exams

Legit tips to get you through

Everybody hates the Land Economy student

Narrated by Chris Rock

College-mandated ‘quiet periods’ are damaging student welfare

They’re patronising at best, detrimental to mental health at worst

We need to stop prioritising academics over our mental and physical well-being

How to lose a kidney in 10 days