street style

You can’t sit with us: Robinson vs Magdalene

Each week we’ve been pitting various colleges against each other in a bid to determine who dons the finest prints

Street Style: Anti-Normcore

LEAF ARBUTHNOT gives us street style with pizzazz.

Street Style: The Great Unknown

LEAF ARBUTHNOT discovers how the stylish are dealing with Cambridge’s cray weather.

Best dressed spotted in Fez

Spotted at Fez, drinks in hand. See which of you have made it into our best dressed.

Street Style: The Library

You looked fantastic in the library this week. BEN DALTON was watching.

Street Style: Bikes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT checks out Cambridge’s sweetest rides.

Street Style: The Men

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has been out snapping Cambridge’s best dressed men.

Fresher Street Style

Find out what the class of 2013 looks like as LEAF ARBUTHNOT hits the Cambridge streets and snaps some of our most stylish Freshers.

Camshots: The Girls

TOMMY SHANE lets the girls take on the guys. But this time with clothes on.

Camshots: The Guys

TOMMY SHANE turns the spotlight back on sexy guys, because the girls have hogged it for too long. Even a prof has got involved.

Camshots: Pretty in Pink

“Look at my fucking pink trousers” may not have the same ring to it, but works better for TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE.

French Fancy

JOY STARKEY gets a sugar rush in summer 2012’s biggest trend

Street Style: Spring

ANNA VLASOVA captures the best student Springtime style

Street Style: London Fashion Week Part 1

Ultimate Street Style: London Fashion Week lives up to its name…

Elitism is So Last Season

Why style is no longer in the hands of the privileged few.

Accessory Excess

TOM RASMUSSEN and JOY STARKEY use everything from insects to fetish wear in this week’s fashion accessories shoot.

Best Dressed: Denim

JOY STARKEY checks out the weird and wonderful in this week’s special edition of Best Dressed from Denim.

Street Style: Winter Coats

TOM RASMUSSEN and SAM PRANCE prowl the streets of Cambridge to find the best winter coats about.

Varsity Ski Style

With Varsity Trip 2011 fast approaching, SCHAROLTA SI, TAMSIN LIM and MAX LIU bring you a selection of snowy snaps to get you in the mood for winter.

Street Style: Textures

PRU GARDINER and HATTIE LLOYD hit the streets of Cambridge to find this week’s best dressed students.