Tommy Shane

Tommy Shane


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Let The Footlights stamp on their own critics

In response to the defence of The Footlights, TOMMY SHANE argues for the importance of criticism over blanket praise.

King’s Bunker: Toybox

TOMMY SHANE’s love affair with Jessica O’Driscoll Breen reaches a tragic conclusion at King’s Bunker’s Toybox in his last ever Tab review.


Dionysia doesn’t live up to TOMMY SHANE’s fantasies, but he does have another run in with Jessica O’Driscoll Breen.

The Fight Against Fascism

TOMMY SHANE explains why he we need to stop vilifying the people that protested against Le Pen.

Churchill Spring Ball

TOMMY SHANE finds love in a hopeful place at this year’s Churchill Spring Ball.

Footlights Smoker

With its peaks and troughs, this smoker relied too heavily on already established Footlights, claims TOMMY SHANE.

Denim – Unzipped

TOMMY SHANE finds himself fawning over Elektra Cute at this cross-dressing extravaganza.

Django Unchained

TOMMY SHANE gets a celebratin’ this god forsaken’ slavery western.

The Impossible

TOMMY SHANE asks whether The Impossible is an impossibly gross product of our darkest shame.

Fitzwilliam Ball

Tom Rasmussen claimed ‘it was like having a fucking prolapse’; TOMMY SHANE begs to differ.

The Snow Queen: The Footlights Pantomime

TOMMY SHANE has had a crisis of faith in his previous reverence for the Footlights after this not-so-awe-inspiring pantomime.

Old White Men

TOMMY SHANE thinks the recent controversy over Assange at The Union is masking some bigger problems.

For Coloured Girls

Stop seeing the same old productions at the ADC and go see something original, argues TOMMY SHANE.

Ken Kardashian

TOMMY SHANE spent the night with the crème de la crème of Cambridge comedy talent.


TOMMY SHANE regrets that the writing wasn’t as good as the acting in this sketch show.

On The Road

TOMMY SHANE despairs at this vacuous adaptation.

Let’s Get Classical

TOMMY SHANE explores classical music in Cambridge, and implores you all to not knock it ’till you’ve tried it.


TOMMY SHANE goes mental for Rudimental.

Come Back To Cambridge

TOMMY SHANE brings you the films to get you in the mood for the term ahead.

The Great Stash Debate

TOMMY SHANE and SEBASTIAN SALEK talk stash – hot or not?

Homerton June Event

TOMMY SHANE reviews the June Event everyone’s been talking about.

Best Dressed: Trinity May Ball

TOMMY SHANE snaps the best dressed at Trinity May Ball

Live Out Or Lose Out

Get out while you still can, warns TOMMY SHANE.

Camshots: The Girls

TOMMY SHANE lets the girls take on the guys. But this time with clothes on.

Camshots: The Guys

TOMMY SHANE turns the spotlight back on sexy guys, because the girls have hogged it for too long. Even a prof has got involved.

Camshots: Pretty in Pink

“Look at my fucking pink trousers” may not have the same ring to it, but works better for TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE.

Judy’s Vintage Fair

When Judy’s Vintage Fair came to town, TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE went a-browsing. They bring you their choicest picks.

Dusk ’till Dawn

Whether walk of shame or stride of pride, look your best with TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE’s guide to looking fly on the fly.