Sussex graduate and Brighton care worker has his deportation date is pushed back

‘I just hope the Home Office will be compassionate about my case and allow me to stay’

Earlier this year Anugwom Izuchukwu Goodluck was told by the UK government that he is to be deported back to Nigeria today, 31st July 2020.

Since then the Home Office has moved the date to the 31st of August 2020.

After coming to the UK on a Tier 4 Visa in September, 2018, Mr Goodluck’s student Visa was set to expire in January 2020. He was told by a solicitor to put in an application for leave to remain (LTR) human rights grounds, which he did. However, his application was rejected by the Home Office based on the current immigration regime, they also denied him the right to appeal their decision.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Goodluck applied for a visa extension which he was granted in May earlier this year. The extension was set to run out on July 31st and gave him the opportunity to leave the UK before this date.

With Nigeria being in lockdown still, there were no flights going to from there. As a result of the flight restrictions, the Home Office has issued another visa extension until 31st of August 2020.

Mr Goodluck spoke exclusively with The Sussex Tab about his current situation and his contact with MP Caroline Lucas. He stated: “I have also got an email from MP Caroline Lucas stating she has spoken with the immigration minister asking them to urge the government to review my case and reverse their decision. She said she will update me about their decision.”

He has also received the information that his case was presented in front of a committee as the House of Commons. Mr Goodluck said: “I just hope the Home Office will be compassionate about my case and allow me stay.”

Despite his deportation date being pushed back by a month, Mr Goodluck is still worried that the Home Office won’t be compassionate and he will be forced to leave the UK. He tells the Tab: “Just having mixed feelings, not knowing what the outcome will be. But I feel a bit happy cause I have time to at least get a plane ticket in case the decision is not overturned and I have people standing up for me to make sure things works out well.”

Should Mr Goodluck be forced to return to Nigeria, his friends and supporters have set up a go fund me page. This is so Mr Goodluck can pay for flights and also somewhere to stay in Nigeria. You can donate here.

More information regarding Mr Goodluck’s case can be found on the University of Sussex SU website here.  A petition to end the deportation of Mr Goodluck entirely can be found and signed here. Many people have also been emailing their local MP a formatted email which you can find attached here.