Sussex graduate and Brighton care worker to be deported during COVID-19 pandemic

‘For months I have been down and mentally drained, thinking about what tomorrow brings.’

Anugwom Izuchukwu Goodluck, aged 30, has been told by the UK government that he is to be deported back to Nigeria on the 31st July 2020.

After graduating Sussex University with a Masters in International Relations, he was told that he must leave his family in the UK and return to Nigeria.

He is an agency care worker for Brighton’s vulnerable residents and has worked from 8am-8pm in early February and March.

Mr Goodluck exclusively told The Sussex Tab that has not had any contact with The University of Sussex at all. He also added that his last 24 hour shift remains unpaid by the agency he was employed by. He told The Sussex Tab: “Even my last shift of 24 hours wasn’t paid by my agency. They have said that I have been flagged by the Home Office as illegal. So they find it very difficult paying me.”

In terms of being finances, Mr Goodluck stated: “I have no money at all. Currently, there are no flights going to Nigeria either.”

Official Brighton BLM shared this Instagram post with more details.

The Instagram account has provided an email template which can be found here. This email should be sent to your local MP’s in order to put pressure on this case and prevent Mr Goodluck from being deported.

Mr Goodluck is overwhelmed by the support being shown, he told The Sussex Tab: “In the last couple of days, the support has been mind blowing. I would have never expected to get such overwhelming support especially from an MP.

“It gives me hope, for months I have been down and drained mentally. Thinking of what tomorrow brings and how I will end up being deported gives me sleepless nights and migraines.”

A spokesperson from the Home Office told The Argus: “We are incredibly grateful for all the work that carers have done during coronavirus, which is why we have made them exempt from the immigration health surcharge.

“Those who are in the UK must follow the immigration rules – and that includes not continuing to work in the UK after applications for visas have been refused. We have granted individuals who cannot return home due to coronavirus leave to remain until July 31.”

A spokesperson from The University of Sussex has said they are looking into seeing what the University is doing to help and that they understand “the University gives visa advice to current students.”

There is a petition to end the deportation of Mr Goodluck circulating, you can sign it here.