‘What truth are we hearing’: Sussex University criticised on Twitter over coronavirus response

People have taken to Twitter to vocalise their concerns for the lack of information Sussex are providing students

Over the past two weeks, the University of Sussex has been contacting students via email and informing them on the current situation with coronavirus on campus.

Last week, The Sussex Tab broke the news that a second individual associated with the University had tested positive for coronavirus. Then, following on from this news, five other students were revealed to be in self-isolation in their off-campus student house after one had tested positive for coronavirus.

Since the first suspected coronavirus diagnosis on campus, the University of Sussex have been receiving backlash for their response to the coronavirus outbreak. Since, they have released information on the student union website which they request students refer to before contacting the University for more information.

In recent days people have taken to Twitter to criticise Sussex for the way they are handling the outbreak. Here are some of the responses.

‘Best course of action is to do absolutely FUCK ALL about this’

‘It’s been days and you’ve told us nothing’

‘My sister goes to your uni and has serious underlying health issues’

‘Close down Sussex University till this coronavirus threat is over in Brighton’

‘At least we’ll die in our prime’

‘What truth are we hearing’

‘You have students that you sent to foreign Universities who are concerned…please can you offer support’

‘Can’t get any advice beyond wash hands’

‘Why are you not updating students and staff?’


We have approached the University for comment.