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BREAKING: A Sussex student is being tested for coronavirus

Paramedics in hazmat suits take Sussex student to be tested for coronavirus

University of Sussex have confirmed that a first year student is being tested for coronavirus.

A video taken earlier today shows Sussex student being escorted out of Sussex accommodation by a person in a hazmat suit.

The University of Sussex Internal Comms department then sent out an email to their students saying: "We want to let you know that today a student on our campus has been admitted to hospital.

In the email students were reassured that "the student involved had returned recently from overseas and unfortunately started to feel unwell."

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The university have stated: "We are very conscious that this is a difficult time for our student and we are concerned at making sure they are supported.

"We also please ask that we all continue to support each other during this time, particularly out students from overseas who are feeling a long way from home at the moment and at times vulnerable."

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This comes after the UK's third case of coronavirus was diagnosed in Brighton last week.

Updates to follow.

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