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Exclusive: Flat of five Sussex students quarantined after positive coronavirus test

‘Many people associated with the university will self-isolate’

A flat of five Sussex students have been made to self-quarantine after one of the group tested positively for coronavirus, The Sussex Tab can reveal.

Earlier this week, students at The University of Sussex were informed of a second individual associated with the university self isolating due to testing positive for coronavirus.

The Sussex Tab approached the University for comment after being exclusively told about the student in more detail.

The University of Sussex told The Sussex Tab: “When someone is tested positive for Covid-19, it is normal for Public Health England (PHE) to ask people who have been in close contact with that person to self-isolate.

“This does not mean that those people who are self-isolating are also positive, it is more of a precautionary measure. Over the coming weeks it is very likely that many people associated with the University will self-isolate.

“This will be because they’ve received advice directly from PHE or they may decide to do so of their own accord – and it is important that we are respectful and caring towards their situation.”

The Sussex Tab approached the individual for a comment and were exclusively informed they are a student at the University living off campus. The student said: “There are five of us in quarantine”

The University assured us that they are “following all the advice from Public Health England.  We know this can be a worrying time, but we must follow the advice of the experts.”

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