‘It can change at any moment’: Everything Sussex have planned to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak

The University have provided a list of scenario planning on their website.

The University of Sussex has revealed the latest updates of the effects of Coronavirus to students and staff.

The latest update comes after the University informed students via email of a second individual who tested positive for the virus.

Their website states: “It is likely that over the coming days and weeks there will be many people associated with the University (who are on and off our campus) who will be tested for the virus, and in some cases based on the current predictions may receive a positive result.”

A University Spokesperson has highlighted that all the recommended information and precautions for facing the threat of Coronavirus can be found through the SU website.

The list of ‘scenario planning’ explores potential recommendation by the University in the potential for more cases:

  • Working from home, sick leave and caring for others – support will be provided by both policy and practically such as technology
  • Delivering core functions – such as food, security, medical and health – in the event of campus closures or part-closures
  • Delivering and assessing teaching and other key institutional activities
  • Extending or making changes to the academic year

The information involves repeated reference to the University being “proactive and transparent” in making sure members are aware of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

On their website the University states: “We will of course communicate at the earliest opportunity if there are any significant developments to share with our community. We know this might be a worrying time for some and it is important to talk to those around you about your concerns.”