Rosie Bettis
News Editor of The Sussex Tab

Nominations are open for Sussex’s Lecturer of the Year 2019

Who will take the crown?

Your Sussex clubbers of the week: Pancake Day edition

You lot aren’t giving up boozing for Lent that’s for sure

Pinch punch, first of the month: Here’s Sussex Clubbers of the week

Start the month as you mean to go on

Sussex Women’s Rugby 2019 Varsity fixture cancelled as game would be ‘too dangerous’

The game has been called off due to a ‘difference in standards of the teams’

The sun is shining and so are your Sussex Clubbers of the Week

Summer? In FEBRUARY???

Sussex Clubbers of the week: Valentine’s edition

Love is in the air

Dizzee Rascal to headline Land Beyond, new two-day Brighton festival

It’s going to be bonkers

Sussex clubbers of the week: The refreshers edition

Kicking off second term off in style

Sussex SU launch new club night on campus

The night is called ‘Big Night On Campus’

It’s ski trip season, so here are the Clubbers of the Week who’ve hit the slopes

You lot have certainly been up to snow good

Clubbers of the week: Christmas Edition


Here’s your Best Brighton and Sussex Winter Ballers

A night of glitz and glam

Sussex Clubbers of the week: Movember Edition

Get your tashes at the ready

It’s basically the end of term, so here’s Sussex clubbers of the week

You lot are already partying like it’s the holidays

It’s getting cold outside, but our Clubbers of the Week are HOTTT

The hall of fame is back for another week

Bye-bye Midterms, it’s your Sussex Clubbers of the Week

This week went off with a bang

Meet ‘The Groov Collective’: The Sussex rugby boys organising charity club nights

You better not kill the groove DJ

Nominate: Who is Sussex’s Maddest Fresher 2018?

Down it freshaaaa

Sussex Clubbers of the week: Halloween edition

You lot got spoooooky

Forget your deadlines, here’s Sussex clubbers of the week

Alcohol is the best from of procrastination