Rosie Bettis
News Editor of The Sussex Tab

Brighton’s famous Haunt nightclub have renamed ahead of new venue launch

RIP to The Haunt

The 2019 Sussex Festival headliner has been announced

Setting sail this September

New company launch ‘Day at the races’ for Sussex Students

Tired of the same events, in the same places with the same people?

A gunman is on the loose in Brighton city centre according to police reports

Gunshots were heard on Birdham Road

University of Sussex declares a state of climate emergency

Adam Tickell claims urgent action is needed

REVEALED: Joe Healy is Sussex’s BNOC of the Year

Your BNOC King has been crowned

First day of brand new ‘Land Beyond Festival’ cancelled

The extreme weather conditions forced event organisers to cancel today’s event after high winds ripped through the main event tent

Nominations are open for Sussex’s BNOC of the Year 2019

We’re back, baby

It’s your end of term Clubbers of the Week

The final countdown

Screw your deadlines, it’s Sussex Clubbers of the Week

Priorities, am I right?

Sussex wins the 2019 Varsity Series

We are the champions

Any excuse to celebrate, here are your Sussex Clubbers of the week

Let me introduce you, to my party people

Your Sussex clubbers of the week: Pancake Day edition

You lot aren’t giving up boozing for Lent that’s for sure

Pinch punch, first of the month: Here’s Sussex Clubbers of the week

Start the month as you mean to go on

Sussex Women’s Rugby 2019 Varsity fixture cancelled as game would be ‘too dangerous’

The game has been called off due to a ‘difference in standards of the teams’

The sun is shining and so are your Sussex Clubbers of the Week

Summer? In FEBRUARY???

Sussex Clubbers of the week: Valentine’s edition

Love is in the air

Dizzee Rascal to headline Land Beyond, new two-day Brighton festival

It’s going to be bonkers

Sussex clubbers of the week: The refreshers edition

Kicking off second term off in style

Sussex SU launch new club night on campus

The night is called ‘Big Night On Campus’