Rosie Bettis
Rosie Bettis

The Sussex Cup – Here’s what went down

It wasn’t quite Varsity, although there was a flare

Sussex Varsity could return next year

Sussex University has voted in favour of bringing back the event for 2019

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Celebrating the last week of term, here are your Sussex Clubbers of the week

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SASS brings you Holi 2018, the biggest colour festival of the year

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Holi Festival, an East Slope International Lip Sync Battle, World Street Market and much much more

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Sleep all day and party all night

The struggles of living in Northfield

“We’re paying all this money and we don’t even get double beds”

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Everything you need to know about Sussex Pride

Glitter, flags and colour encouraged.

Sussex Varsity to be replaced by The Sussex Cup

No flares allowed

A guide to Brighton’s best Christmas dinners

Screw the presents – the dinner is really the best thing about Christmas

How each Sussex halls will celebrate Christmas

At the end of the day, if you decorate shit in tinsel it’s still shit

Brighton made £21.2m in parking fines this year making it into the top five ‘moneypots’

Britian’s parking fines are up 10 per cent on last year, raising £820m for local councils

200 Sussex students are stuck in hotels. We paid them a visit

Students are paying up to £130 a week for shared rooms that only have 2* on Trip Advisor

We asked Sussex students what makes them happy

“Um…can I say prosecco?”