Revealed: The most ethnically diverse unis

London unis fared better

Last year, admissions tsars at UCAS barked how black and asian teens are more likely to apply to uni than their white peers. But how diverse is your uni?

Not very much for some. Tucked away on the coast of Wales, over 90 per cent of students at Aberystwyth University are white.

It has the highest percentage of white students in the UK at 93 per cent.

Out of the 45 universities we looked at from the Higher Educations Statistics Agency, Aston has the lowest amount of white students at 41 per cent.

The government body divide ethnicity into White, Black, Asian, Other and Not Known.

London unis, such as Kings, UCL and Queen Mary seem to have a lower percentage of white students than the rest of the UK, with all three of them having under 65 per cent of white UK students.

At the other end of the scale, Scotland have the highest proportion of white UK students, with Stirling coming in second with 92.76 per cent white UK students.

These statistics do not include international students.

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Aberystwyth uni said: ”Aberystwyth University has a long and distinguished record for welcoming students from all over the world, with more than 90 nationalities represented on campus at any one time. The University is committed to providing a good education, and a safe and friendly ‘home away from home’ for all students, regardless of background or ethnicity.”