It’s time to vote in Heat Two of Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

These boys want to take you to France and Italy for the first date

Last week, we gave you the first lot of Soton guys in the running to be Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021. Now, it is time to vote in the second heat!

Get ready to meet the second lot of guys competing to be Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021:

Gabriel, Computer Science

Why should you win?

Gabriel’s been described as “tall, smart and handsome” and if that isn’t even to make him win then he “could rig the vote with my superior programming skills”.

Ideal first date?

His ideal first date would be to his holiday home in the South of France, sounds like quite an elaborate first date but who wouldn’t like that?

Rory, Marine Biology

Why should you win?

Rory was described as “smiley, fit and sporty” and that he has great chat too.

Ideal first date?

Looking at fish in an aquarium – very cute.

Luigi, Medicine

Why should you win?

Luigi is “charismatic, energetic and sweet”. He’s also been single for three years which is apparently “three years too many”.

Ideal first date? 

“Anything related to Italy (my homeland)” – honestly who doesn’t want to go to Italy for a first date?

Now it’s time to vote for who you think should win Heat Two and go through to the final of Soton’s most eligible bachelor.

Remember, you can still nominate yourself or your friends here

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