Got the lockdown blues? Vote in Heat One of Soton’s most eligible bachelor 2021

One reckons he can perform Bet on It better than Zac Efron

Last week we asked for your nominations for Soton’s most eligible bachelor, and you did not disappoint. Here are the first four contenders.We asked them a series of questions to really get to know them and to help you decide who should claim a place in the final.

The power’s in your hands, so make sure you choose wisely:

Reuben, Fashion Marketing

Why should he win?

Apparently, he’s Southampton’s “best kept secret”. Reuben is “caring and funny” and from his Instagram, you can tell he is stylish too.

Ideal first date?

Reuben’s ideal first date is “listening to jazz vinyls whilst drinking red wine” – how sophisticated.

Conor, Maths

Why should he win?

The three words used to describe Conor were “horses, BMW and rich”, which doesn’t really make sense but tells you he’s rich I guess.

His housemates do also “shoot down every girl I talk to so they get petrified every time they come home”.

Ideal first date?

To go to a drive-in cinema in his BMW.

Joe, International Security and Risk

Why should he win?

Joe says he can “perform Bet on It better than Zac Efron” which is a very bold statement to make. But if it’s true then he really should win.

Ideal first date?

“DIY haircut from the lass, it’s about the trust” – that is a lot of trust to put in someone on the first date.

Marco, History

Why should he win?

Marco “looks fucking good and someone should appreciate it”, I mean fair enough.

Ideal first date?

Marco’s ideal first date would be thrift shopping. Not really sure how you’d do that in a lockdown, maybe you will just have to browse Depop together.

Now it’s time to vote for who you think should win Heat One and go through to the final of Soton’s most eligible bachelor.

Remember, you can still nominate yourself or your friends here

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