Soton students, here’s how to recreate every single Soton night out you’re missing

Those cheese room cravings are beginning to hit hard

If there’s one thing we all miss about uni it’s the nights out. From Sobar to Switch, uni doesn’t quite feel the same without the drunken memories of ending up talking to a randomer in the toilet or blowing your entire student loan in a night. Whether you’re a fresher or final year, everyone is feeling the lack of nightlife entertainment in lockdown.

Although it may still be a while before we can dance in the cheese room at Ocies or drunkenly belt out a ballad on karaoke Thursdays at Stags, doesn’t mean we can’t bring Soton student nights out to us.

Here is how to recreate iconic Soton nights out for every day of the week:

Jesters Mondays

With Southampton being home to the one-in-a-million club Jesters, its easy to feel incomplete as Soton students without our Monday night fix. From the twobicles to the wonderful Jestilces, it’s no wonder my Mondays don’t feel the same. To transport you back, you will need:

Drink: Any fruity cocktail with a ridiculous amount of alcohol. To recreate the famous Jesticle grab coconut rum, white rum, vodka, oranges, lemonade and blackcurrant.

Outfit: If one thing is certain, dressing up is by no means a necessity. Any old clothes you don’t care about are encouraged (I know you have your Jesters shoes somewhere in the back of your wardrobe).

Music: You can use this playlist a Soton student made and you’ll feel like you’re back in Jesters.

Food: With the infamous Manzil’s just a short walk away, no Jester’s night would be complete without a hearty curry. With all supermarkets selling a variety of microwave meals, grab your favourite curry to enjoy!

Sobar Tuesdays

I challenge anyone who can find a more hilarious night out than a Sobar Tuesday – the combination of bumping into fresher friends and Quad Vods makes for a memorable (or rather slightly blurry) night. To make your own you will need:

Drink : Vodka duh! For your mixer, stick to the classics: Pink lemonade or WKD for the blue Qaud Vod.

Outfit: An outfit you normally wouldn’t mind getting trashed – denim skirt or jeans with a semi-nice top and of course a coat to match.

Music: With an audience usually less than sober, a classic party playlist will work – my preference would be anything from the early 2010s (any Katy Perry song will complete the night).

Food: In true Sobar style I imagine it won’t be long into the night until the Quad Vods hit and food is mentioned. Grab any chicken and chips type freezer food with an obscene amount of burger sauce and try to pretend you’re in Chick-O-Land.

Oceana Wednesdays

Society member or not, Oceana Wednesdays is the epitome of a student night out. With a fashion walk of costumes and cheese room disco floor, nothing quite says University of Southampton like it. To recreate you will need:

Drink: In true Ocies tradition I recommend anything from VKs to double vodka cokes. If you’re feeling more adventurous then a round of  Jaeger bombs are your answer.

Outfit: Jazz up your evening by picking a fancy-dress theme. Common dress-codes include: Iconic groups, celebrity icons and Disney characters.

Music: One thing Oceana is unmatched in is the variety of music. From the upbeat dance music on the main floor to the slightly embarrassing but super fun cheese room songs, any top Spotify playlist will do. Take it up a notch by making your house into an Oceana room crawl.

Food: I can’t count the number of times I have spent a ridiculously long time queuing up outside McDonalds after a long night. Grab any burger (meat or veggie) alongside a large Diet Coke to finish off the night. If burgers aren’t your thing, ice cream and your choice of  toppings make for an excellent McFlurry.

Stags Karaoke Thursdays

In the heart of the University of Southampton campus itself, is one of the most entertaining student nights out. All singers are welcome which means you’re in for a variety of abilities accompanied with some cheap drinks. To bring Stags to you, you will need:

Drink: Any basic cocktail, preferably in a pitcher for a more authentic look. Alternatively, any pint will do (as long as it makes you brave enough to get up and sing YMCA).

Outfit: Any attire is more than acceptable. From joggers and hoodies as if you’ve come straight from the library to any normal night out outfit, Stags welcomes all.

Music: As tradition dictates, only karaoke songs are acceptable! Best options include ABBA, The Backstreet Boys and Lady Gaga.

Food: No Stags night would be complete without a house takeaway, especially a pizza. Whether you opt for Dominos or Papa John’s, I can guarantee you will finish your night feeling satisfied.

Jucied at Switch Fridays

What better way to end a week of lectures than in one of the best clubs in Southampton. With themed Juiced Friday nights ranging from Drake to High School Musical, Switch offers something for everyone. Whether you stick to main floor or dip below to Bunker, here’s how to do you Friday’s Switch style:

Drink: The cheapest and easiest way to get drunk in Switch has to be Jaeger bombs. Investing in a house bottle of Jagermeister and some cans of energy drink will guarantee a fun night (also great for any games involving shots).

OutfitSwitch Fridays welcome classic clubbing outfits. Anything from dresses and shirts to the more casual jeans and a nice top combo will fit right in.

Music: One of the most fun aspects of Juiced is their music themed nights. Pick any genre, artist or film with some memorable songs and dance away.

Food: With Switch being city central, the world of 4am food is your oyster. Whether you opt for Romeo’s Pizza, Subway or Chicken Land, there is nothing better than drunk food after a night of dancing. With the brilliant invention of takeaways, hop on your delivery app of choice and pick from the many cuisines that Southampton has to offer.

Whether you’re suffering from Soton night out blues or simply fancy jazzing up your weekend plans, we hope you can make the most of lockdown entertainment.

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