Soton first year misses Jesters so much she’s made her own Spotify playlist

Feel like pure shit just want a Jesticle

Jesters: The home of the Jesticle, proud owner of the two-bicle, perhaps the best smoking area in Southampton and the highly coveted gold card. Imagine it’s Monday evening, you’ve just had a full day of lectures but it’s time to whip out that gold card, put on your Jesters shoes, and brace yourself for the inevitable removal of shirts when the Baywatch song plays.

However, due to lockdown measures, students have moved back home and all clubs have been required to close for the foreseeable future so it’s no surprise that Soton students are missing Jesters. Charlotte, a first-year Physics student at Soton, seems to have the perfect solution for those missing Jesters: She’s recreated their songs in a playlist on Spotify!

What a list of bangers!

Lockdown has heightened boredom levels and led Charlotte to create her playlist: “I was really bored one evening and was thinking about the good times I had in Jesters so I thought I’d recreate it in my bedroom”, she told The Soton Tab. The playlist includes classics such as TiK ToK (the song not the app guys!), Low and Gold Digger whilst also including new additions like Take Me Back To London. It also includes Charlotte’s favourite Jesters song: Africa by Toto.

Charlotte says she is a Jesters regular and that she “went nearly every Monday and sometimes on a weekend”. She misses “the whole vibe” of Jesters, adding that “it’s so unique in its own way” and that she misses the cocktails. Charlotte likes to keep it classic and names the Jesticle as her favourite cocktail but sometimes will go for a Fuzzy Duck to change things up.

Jesters smoking area, I miss you xx

Charlotte’s favourite Jesters memory is the first date she had there with her boyfriend. She said: “We did pre-drinks in Stags and it was such a nice chill way to get to know him”. Petition for them to get married in Jesters!

Charlotte and her boyfriend have had to get creative with their selfies during lockdown

Apart from Jesters, Charlotte also misses the SUSU shop, Hartley and ofc her friends and her boyfriend.

If you are missing Jesters as much as Charlotte, go give her playlist a listen.

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