Final years set up Southampton-themed pub crawl in their house while in lockdown

We’ve got major fomo

It’s tragic us students are missing all the end of year events e.g. Grad Ball. We’re rightly bored out of our minds, and maybe feeling anxious about everything going on. Screen times are up, what with Houseparty replacing our daily dose of human contact, and all the Insta challenges to keep up with. Some of us are even getting creative, like learning every single TikTok dance or baking banana bread.

So if you’re looking for a new way to combat cabin fever, grab a quarantini and prepare to be inspired, as Chelsea, Mark and Boris have come up with a brilliant idea. Drum roll please…a house pub crawl. Yep, they transformed different rooms in their uni house into familiar Soton hotspots, rating each venue out of 10 for drinks, music and atmosphere.

They even dressed up – Boris (a housemate who wishes to remain anon) was seen on the pull for a ‘single politician’ *wink*. Boris’ housemate Mark said “Boris got pretty steaming and began revealing his plans for Brexit, but obviously I can’t share that…”

Talking about their iconic Soton-themed night in, Mark said “With lockdown in full swing my housemates and I decided to have a pub crawl just within our house.

“We spent hours brainstorming club names and rebranding them as being relevant to our house and housemates. Crafted and painted the signs by hand, before donning our costumes and getting on it.”

Here’s how the pub crawl went…

First up, the living room and garden were turned into Cafe Barf-ait (Cafe Parfait), where someone’s dad fresh from Tenerife (Chelsea in a Hawaiian shirt) was chilling. They boogied to ‘Say So’ by Doja Cat in the near dark, drinks in hand. The three rated it a 3/10 for drinks; music 5/10; and atmosphere 5/10, saying it was a ‘bit nippy’.

Next was Shooting Shaftes (The Shooting Star), where the kitchen was livened up with The Weeknd’s ‘In Your Eyes’. Beer pong was in full swing, and apparently it was a great hit with the older gentlemen, aka Boris. Drinks 5/10; music 6/10; atmosphere 8/10.

Mark, who was first thought to be dressed as a gap-yah ski instructor, revealed he was actually an unemployed jockey.

Then they ventured to the Tame Lemon (Wild Lime). They rated it only 1/10 for atmosphere as apparently there were a lot of weird guys in there!! ‘Faith’ by George Michael was playing but it wasn’t giving off the right vibes, so they gave it a 4/10 for music. Drinks, however, were flowing, and received a solid 8/10.

Jadesters (Jesters) was up next. It was popping off in here as they grooved to ‘Number 1’ by Tinchy Stryder. The blue LED lights really gave the bedroom that club-like feel. They appreciated the drinks (8/10), LOVED the cheesy music (10/10) but weren’t as convinced by the sticky walls and floor (6/10).

Next was The Stag’s. Alas, they were locked out because of coronavirus. They lit a candle and raised a glass in its memory.

After that heartbreaker was Yorkshire (London) Brew-House and Kitchen. Chilled vibes in here, someone’s dad from Tenerife was having a lie down. The pub quiz was a “personal highlight”of the night, although they didn’t reveal their scores.

Then they took a trip to 5 Russells (5 Rivers), where there was an actual log-fire roaring. Ok, it was on a TV screen but still.

Last was Kinky Kenny’s (Wiggle?), where some sexy mood lighting was at play. The strippers were doing their thing to a bit of Ty Dolla $ign, although the housemates weren’t impressed.

Mark studies Business, Chelsea studies History and Boris studies Politics and Economics – well you would hope so.

Have any fun quarantine ideas? DM them to us.

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