What toppings you should be using on Pancake Day

The Shrove Tuesday essential toppings you might not have tried

Pancake Day is here and with is the near impossible choice of toppings. Whether you like to stick to the classics or whip up some original wonder, I have a few toppings suggestions to get you started on this gourmet day.

Fruit fest

The thing is, you can never go wrong with any fruit. Whether it is bananas, apricots or all kind of berries (blueberries being my personal favs), it always comes out amazing. The best pairing for fruity pancakes is maple syrup or some good-old-fashioned whipped cream.

Sweetest spread

If you are craving a sweet pancake, then you can never miss with a tasty sweetish spread. The only problem you might encounter, is choosing the right one. The best would be to combine them all, but that might just be too much for your taste buds.

A simple variation of the fruity pancake would be to use any kind of jam. Strawberry or plum or any other will always do it justice. However, if you are still craving something sweeter, you can opt for Nutella or peanut butter. It is basic, but you know it’s good. Throw in some chocolate chips and you have got yourself a winner.

Pancake cone

If you are feeling fancy then there is only one choice for you – ice cream. Pancakes and ice cream, topped with chocolate chips, maple syrup or whipped cream sounds like heaven. I don’t even care about the flavour of the ice cream because each has something to offer.

Sweet and salty?

The winner for me and my absolute guilty pleasure has got to be salted caramel. This one has it all – the best of both worlds. So if you are on the verge of what flavours you are in mood for, there is no better solution than the salty caramel.

Salty sensation

If you do not have the sweetest tooth, don’t worry, because there are lots of option for you. The salty classic of pancakes and bacon with the possible addition of maple syrup might just be the thing for you.

Or if you are leaning more towards a full English breakfast variation you might want to try pancakes, sunny side up eggs and sausages. It might turn out to be your new favourite.

And my personal go to for salty pancakes is a pancake tortilla variation. You can get some cooked chicken and mushrooms and put them in a folded pancake. Of course, you can be creative with your filling and can use pretty much anything – but this is my favourite. And the secret ingredient is to pour French dressing on top.

Now you just have to pick the one option you crave the most and spoil your stomach.

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