Nine Newcastle themed Halloween costumes to get you in the spooky spirit

Dressing as a bottle of Brown Ale never seemed so appealing

Halloween is right around the corner, and while many of us will have sorted our costumes months in advance, others are left wondering if it’s acceptable to dress as Harley Quinn for the third year in a row. It’s not.

So, if you’re struggling for ideas and looking for something unique, why not draw inspiration from the best city in the world and choose one of our nine Newcastle related costumes? We promise, no one will be dressed the same as you.

A magpie

Starting strong, magpies are the mascot of NUFC so it only seems right to dress as one, just like Choriza May in the latest season of Drag Race UK.

Get the look with black and white stripes and a pair of wings. Or, if you have one, a Newcastle United football strip.


A bottle of Brown Ale

Every true Geordie’s beverage of choice, Brown Ale is a fun costume that’ll make sure heads are turned.

For this one, dress head to toe in beer brown and print off the Newkie Brown logo to stick to your chest, to ensure everyone actually knows what you are. Maybe even add a yellow beret to look like a bottle cap. Or, if you’re feeling spenny, you can buy full body beer bottle costumes online which you can attach the logo to.

Earl Grey

Who’s Earl Grey ,we hear you ask? That bloke at the top of the monument, obvs!

British Prime Minister and tea naming icon, Earl Grey is the perfect Halloween costume for those of us aiming for silly rather than sexy.

Choose a classic 19th century dress coat (or charity shop suit jacket if you don’t come from an estate in Surrey) and tailored pants, complete with a top hat.

Alternatively, go as the actual monument and dress all in grey, complete with grey face paint. For a couples costume, one of you could even go as a cup of tea.

A Greggs pasty

Greggs is perhaps the best thing to come out of Newcastle like, ever, which seems as good an excuse as any to celebrate it with a Halloween costume.

For this one, dress in beige (for the pasty) and cover this with a white bin bag complete with Gregg’s logo (for the wrapping). If you want to go the extra mile, complete the look with flakey pastry crumbs LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

Via @nick_colquhoun on Instagram

The Tyne Bridge

A gorgeous example of the seven bridges, The Tyne Bridge is probably what most Newcastle outsiders first think of in relation to the city.

This is one of the harder costumes on the list – you can either dress all in green and risk no one knowing what you are, or try and construct a Tyne Bridge structure to wear out of cardboard. Finish with rust stains.

If the Tyne Bridge isn’t doing it for you, you could dress as one of the other bridges – though does anyone know what the Redheugh bridge actually looks like?


The nation’s Geordie sweetheart, this list wouldn’t be complete without Cheryl.

The best thing about being Cheryl for Halloween is the versatility. Will you be Girls Aloud Cheryl? Fight for this Love Cheryl? Or maybe even X Factor Cheryl? The possibilities are endless, see Chezza inspiration below.

Ant and Dec

Keeping with the celebrity ideas, this time for a cute couples costume, why not grab a mate and dress as TV legends Ant and Dec?

Really, you’re going to need a tall dark haired person and a small blonde ish one, or else you’ll have to wear wigs. Dress in suits or jungle attire, depending on the vibe.

A blue treb

A 21st century Newcastle staple, the blue treb is a student favourite and is sure to get a lot of laughs, especially if you wear it out somewhere that they actually serve trebs.

The costume itself is really simple – dress all in neon blue and add a “straw” made from a pool noodle to get the Soho look.

The Angel of the North

The Angel of the North isn’t even technically in Newcastle, but is a huge part of the culture either way, so we’ll allow it.

For this one, you can either dress all in brown and make yourself some cardboard wings or, for a more metaphorical approach, dress in an NUFC strip with some normal angel wings and a halo.

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