Soho Rooms announces surprise opening of Jesmond venue and we simply cannot wait

The famously popular trebles bar in Newcastle has surprised us all and announced its opening in Jesmond and students are literally going wild.

If you’ve ever been or spent any time with students in Newcastle, you will most definitely have a story to tell about Soho Rooms. Whether you and your mates had the night of your life, had way too much to drink or you’ve taken a spectacular tumble down their infamous stairs as a consequence of the former, Soho has well and truly earned its status as a favourite among the student population.

Well as if coming back to Newcastle for the start 0f uni wasn’t already exciting enough, Soho have only gone and dropped the bombshell news that they’re opening another venue, and it’s going to be right at the heart of student life!

There is only one thing Newcastle students love more than trebles, and that is Jesmond, and social media amongst students erupted at the shock news of an additional location in the student stronghold itself!

The announcement came completely out of the blue, and details about the location and opening date to to be confirmed shortly, but it was still met with almost unanimous praise, one fan branded it a “game changer” while another tagged her bestie saying “we will have to investigate.”

The post stated that: “Soho is bringing the famous blue mixer to Jesmond! Hold on tight! This is going to be one wild ride!”

The somewhat cryptic air of the post this evening most definitely left us all wanting more, with the idea that we can stumble, 10 trebs in, back home to our Jesmond abodes without the hassle of taxis from the city centre is something former Newcastle students could only dream of, we thank you, Soho, for making this dream come true.

The official statement from the Soho team stated that this project has been 8 years in the making. The statement went on to comment, “We’re thrilled to be bringing the best parts of soho and expanding it into this new adventure. From karaoke competitions, bingo, stand up comedy shows to live sports and resident DJs, all to be complimented with an amazing selection of food and beverages and a feel good atmosphere!”

“Soho has always been a safe place for everyone and we can’t wait to bring our soho hospitality and customer service to the wider population of Newcastle.”

Soho Rooms Jesmond is expected to open September 2021.

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