Tell me you study in Newcastle without telling me you study in Newcastle

If you’ve got a picture of you holding a blue treb on your Insta, do you really need Newcastle in your bio?

The trend of “tell me you x without telling me you x” is sweeping across TikTok at the minute, which got us thinking about our beloved Toon. Trebs, flares – whether you’re a poly or a posh, a Geordie local or a Southerner, there are some things that just scream: “I study in Newcastle.”

You own and never take off a North Face puffer 

They’re like the comfort blankets of Newcastle students.

Walking down Northumberland Street sometimes is like a game, trying to spot someone who isn’t wearing one of these jackets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boiling hot day in July and you’re relaxing in Leazes park, if you study in Newcastle you’ll probably still have your puffer on.

Whether it’s the OG black puffer or the new half black half coloured ones (you know the ones we’re on about) if you study in Newcastle you probably own one and you almost definitely never take it off.

Your pockets are forever full of old Metro tickets

We don’t care if you’ve never taken the metro in your life, if you’re a Newcastle student look hard enough and you will find one of these in an old jacket that you swear you haven’t worn since 2016.

Most of them will probably just fill you with shame when you realise how many times you have paid more than £2 to go one stop from West Jesmond to Haymarket when you couldn’t be bothered to walk. (We’ve all been there).

No matter how many you throw out, or how many times you clear out your pockets, you can’t seem to stop finding them. They serve as a constant reminder that you really should have just bought the monthly card in first year when you swore you’d walk to uni every day anyway.

You spend all of your free time on Osbourne Road

If you can’t find us, we’re probably in Blanc.

For most students in Newcastle, the drinking culture in Newcastle was probably one of the reasons you came to uni here. So is it really a surprise you now spend nearly every night crawling home from Bar Blanc after saying you’re never drinking again? There is no resisting the call of a 2 Pound Tuesday as it’s way too good a deal to not take full advantage of.

If you study in Newcastle you have definitely been carried home from Osbourne Road at least once (probably quite a few more times).

You are almost always in flares

No, we don’t mean the club, but you’ve defo been in there more than you’d like to admit.

A bit like the North Face jacket, flares are worn by about 99 per cent of Newcastle girls. The 2021 equivalent of the 2016 blue skinny jean, it’s almost impossible to spot a group of Newcastle girls without at least one of them being in flares. Pair them with dirty white Air Force 1s and a vintage Reebok jumper from Depop to complete the look.


If you’re swiping on Tinder and see a boy with a mullet you can pretty much go ahead and assume he studies in Newcastle.

I don’t know what it is with this hairstyle, but every male in Newcastle seems to have hopped on the trend. They’re kind of like Marmite, you either love them or hate them but if you love a man rocking a mullet, this is your sign to book those train tickets and come find your one true love.

You can’t say no to a blue treb

Everyone loves the three trebs deal. Even though you know you’re going to be hanging over the toilet in the morning, miss your nine am lecture, and they taste like paint stripper it’s cheap alcohol so of course, you’ll have nine.

It’s a staple of a Newcastle night out, but has anyone actually managed to carry them from the bar to their mates without spilling at least one on the floor? Normally you get bumped into and at least one blue treb goes flying across the floor, at least table service in Covid means all your drinks arrive safely eh? And don’t even talk to us when we’re trying to dance holding them, it’s like an Olympic sport.

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