We asked Newcastle girls: ‘What is it really about rugby boys?’

What’s not to love between beer bellies, mullets and commitment issues?

Rugby boys – their reputation certainly does precede them. As notorious fuckboys, habitual drinkers and the type of guys who would choose a night with the lads over the girl they’re ‘seeing’ any day, what exactly is it that gets Newcastle girls swooning at the thought of one? We did the research to finally answer this burning question and to find out, once and for all, if rugby boys are really worth it.

Harriet, third year, Law

I’d describe my type as ‘I want what I can’t have’ and that is pretty much the definition of a rugby boy, so that’s probably what it is for me. I’m yet to find one willing to actually treat me well (or even bother to have a conversation on the morning after a Wednesday night in Eden) and, I know I shouldn’t, but I love it.

I don’t know exactly what it is about the unapologetic reliance on daddy’s money and mild alcoholism that draws me in, but here I am at the grand age of 21 still obsessing over boys (emphasis on BOYS) who couldn’t give less of a shit about me. It’s definitely the bad boy reputation for me…it’s like smoking to a rah – they know it’s bad for them, but they still do it.

Based on my previous experience of below-par get withs on sports nights, my advice to freshers would be to not believe the hype but then again, their ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude and witty charm makes that quite difficult.

Poppy, third year, English Language

To sum up what I think the stereotypical rugby boy is like, would be charismatic but cocksure, dench albeit dad bod – and of course, incomplete without a questionable barnet. You could say this means they have something about them – you rarely come across one with awful or no chat, and the rugged look isn’t too uneasy on the eye.

The backs are typically my type, I like the athleticism (no disrespect to the chunkier team members – no one can carry balls quite like you).

That being said, my past experiences with rugby boys has not been all that successful… so maybe it’s about time to look elsewhere.

Tash, first year, Fine Art

Rugby boys are just a breed with distinct characteristics – easily recognised compared to other male athletes. From their banter to their muscles – I can’t help myself but notice them from a mile away. They don’t mind getting down and dirty, and don’t cry when they get a paper cut – unlike some other athletes (*cough* footballers).

I don’t have any league or position preferences, for me, it’s mainly rugby in general – as long as they know the basics and aren’t shy to tackle then I’m all for it.

I’ve fancied (and still fancy) a few rugby boys in the past – wouldn’t say they were worth it, mainly because they are so complicated to read and I don’t like the chase. Their brutal initiation stories do cringe me out a lot.

Other than that, they are fit and they have sound banter.

Cat, second-year, Engineering

I’m just going to come out and say it – I really don’t get the hype around rugby boys. To put it simply – your mullet is shit, I’m surprised at how long you can run around the pitch for considering how many pints you sink and, to be honest, I don’t know how you play rugby in general when you spend most of your life in Blanc.

The shirts and ties look incredibly noncey, your banter is shit, and can’t forget that you also treat girls like shit. However, if your name is Owen Farrell – you can forget I ever said anything x.

All names and photos have been changed on request.

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