Police are knocking on student’s doors in Jesmond to answer a survey about parties

One of the questions asks if your household has been fined

Police are knocking on students doors around popular student roads in Jesmond today, asking students to answer a short survey on the university’s COVID response and how the police can ‘help reduce parties’ in the local area.

Police are questioning students by asking them if they know about ‘Operation Oak’ an initiative paid for by Newcastle and Northumbria university in order to help police patrol and tackle COVID around student areas, especially Jesmond.

They are asking questions including: “What provisions are the universities providing and do you think they are good or effective?”, if students are aware of the current COVID legislation in the local area, and explaining how police will go about fining students. Police are also explaining the different levels of fines and how much you can be liable to pay.

In the survey police also ask students who open their doors to them “Has anyone in the house has been fined?” and “Do you know anyone that has been fined for having a party?”.

They also wanted to know how students think the police can help to “reduce the number of parties in Jesmond”.

A student in Jesmond told The Tab she wasn’t happy about her house being visited, and that she believes that the police conducting the survey is an “invasion of our privacy, we haven’t done anything wrong so why do they need to knock on everyone’s doors? I don’t think it’s right that the unis are paying police to go around Jesmond yet we still have to pay £9,000 for online uni.”